Independent Fashion Fridays – Ethical Fashion

May 23, 2014

Relax, it’s Independent Fashion Friday!  This week we are sending our love to independent fashion designers that create Eco and Ethical fashion.  We just can’t get enough of them!

OutsiderBrand: Outsider

Origin: UK


About the Brand:  Outsider was launched in 2009 with a mission statement that set the scene “Ethical fashion should just look like fashion”.

Whether you call it Eco, Ethical, Sustainable, Green, Slow, Conscious or Responsible – ultimately it’s about creating and designing beautiful garments with a thoughtful approach.

Outsider garments can be worn and loved season after season. Outsider are creating an alternative, an ethical and sustainable choice that does not compromise on design or quality.


Brand: House of Tammam

Origin: UK


About the Brand: Tammam is a label with design and style at its core offering gowns that have been made by expert craftspeople treated ethically, using sustainable materials including vegetarian peace silks and vegan alternatives. The brand often recycle vintage laces and fabrics and upcycle some modern materials. Tammam is a multi award winning designer label, a trailblazer of modern production and sourcing practices while staying true to the crafts of dressmaking, creative pattern cutting and hand sewing.

Brand: MsGlocalglocal

Origin: New York City


About the Brand: Msglocal by Glocal Connection was started by two girls with global roots; infused with the love of travel & fashion; a desire to empower others & to make the world a better place for all who inhabit it. They help sustain communities of artisans in developing markets; by developing innovative business practices & providing a platform to sell their products.

Founded with more than 20 years of combined experience in global sourcing. Having developed collections from concept to delivery, the founders saw the void in resources available to communities with unique artisanal skills and products to compete in global markets. They provide business expertise and coaching by bringing organizational skills and industry knowledge. Glocal Connection is tailored to support economic development and bring awareness to the history behind the products.

ElsaandmeBrand: ELSA AND ME

Origin: Brooklyn


About the Brand: Swedish born Brooklyn-based designer, Maja Svensson, left her corporate job in December 2011 to become the passionate business woman she always dreamt of. Her aim with ELSA AND ME is to empower women to feel confident and feminine at work, and in their everyday life.

Crafted with organic cotton fabric, ELSA AND ME’s dresses are fit to go from 9-5 to the chic cocktail party seamlessly. The made-to-order garments flatter most off the rack, but can be customized to fit any shape.

ELSA AND ME provide clothing that to the extent possible is made by certified organic cotton fabric following the stringent organic certifications SKAL and GOTS.  All garments have 100% recycled apparel boxes and tissue paper made in the US for packaging and shipping.

Savannah ChicBrand: Savannah Chic

Origin: Africa


About the Brand: Jewelry brand Savannah Chic was founded in 2008. The brand create distinctive Afro-inspired jewellery that can be worn just as easily on the style-savvy streets of London as it can whilst on safari in Africa.

Savannah Chic carefully selects the artisans that undertake the company’s production. The brand seek out marginalized communities to cultivate long-term business relationships with. This includes women living with and affected by HIV / AIDS, mentally and physically-challenged adults, and illiterate and unemployed youth living in the slum areas of Nairobi. By incorporating their skills and abilities into designs, Savannah Chic purposefully provide these communities with sustainable incomes and independence.


Independent Fashion Fridays

Independent Fashion Fridays is a weekly feature highlighting five independent fashion designers that have caught our attention; and we want to support in their brand growth.

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Nolcha Fashion Week: New York, founded by Kerry Bannigan and Arthur Mandel, is a leading award winning event held during New York Fashion Week hosting independent fashion designer runway shows.