Award-winning designer, Katty Xiomara presented Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Nolcha Fashion Week: New York, and unveiled the OtterBox® Dress

September 9, 2014

Katty Xiomara celebs

On September 8th, Portuguese designer, Katty Xiomara, showed her Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Nolcha Fashion Week; the destination for independent fashion during New York Fashion Week.

Xiomara, who is known for her geometric patterns, took the art form of a “chocolatier” as her inspiration this season by melting geometric shapes and creating more organic forms. With this, the color blocks were exposed of their rigidity, leaving the structure bare and originating a set of intertwined lines and points, outlined by wavy cut-outs. The result was subtle and lighter, offering her consumer “organic geometry in wire frames.”


The collection was a futuristic and retrospective mix, with a very lucid and practical take on the urban woman. Just like a chocolatier can’t predict the shape of an individual chocolate, the silhouettes bloom uniquely throughout the line. White color and smooth materials were a constant, with black outlines and striking cut-outs seen consistently in the line.

To close the show, Xiomara unveiled her collaboration with mobile accessories company, OtterBox®, and their Alpha Glass™ technology, an all-new fortified glass screen protector for cellular phones: “The OtterBox® Dress.”

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is overcoming obstacles,” Xiomara said. “Creating an ensemble from glass screen protectors provides a unique challenge for me as it is something that has never been done. Alpha Glass compliments my style perfectly, blending elegant and refined taste with an understated strength.”


Celebrity supporters who came out to the show wearing Katty Xiomara included, Kat Graham (Actress), Sammi Hanretty (Actress), and Kristen Ruhlin (Actress)

In July 2014, Katty Xiomara was awarded second place prize in the Pret-a-Porter competition for the SKETCHCOLORS project, which recognizes legendary design visionaries and uncovers emerging talents in architecture, interior, product, graphic and fashion design on a global level.

For images of the Katty Xiomara Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Nolcha Fashion Week, visit:

Nolcha Fashion Week: New York, founded by Kerry Bannigan and Arthur Mandel, is a leading award winning event held during New York Fashion Week hosting independent fashion designer runway shows.