Notes for New York Fashion Week

Notes for New York Fashion Week: Runway Ready

notes for NYFW Erika Degraffinreaidt

As the clock counts down to your show day, there is a lot that will be on your mind as you envision the perfect runway in your mind. Creativity can get the best of you so we have some top tops from renowned fashion stylist Erika Degraffinreaidt to assure you remain calm, focused and stress free throughout your runway show.


Notes for New York Fashion Week – Top Tips for Backstage Make-up


Being a backstage makeup artist might look glamorous and easy, and although at times it can be, the truth behind the amount of work that goes into creating that flawless polished catwalk look or crazy haute couture creation is a whole other story it’s can take months of planning, meetings, research and makeup tests.  Michelle Webb, international make-up artist shares her top tips for backstage make-up artists.


Notes for New York Fashion Week – Backstage tips

notes for NYFW Rebecca Strong

Preparing your line for your first or even your 15th runway show can be extremely exciting but also full of angst. Follow these top tips from backstage manager Rebecca Strong to alleviate that pain and have a smooth running show!  No one wants to cry on show day, do they?


Notes for New York Fashion Week – Sponsorships

notes for NYFW Greg bloom

Whether you are going into your fashion week activation with a healthy budget or not, there is a market for brands that want to be associated with these events and engage the same audience you do. Acquiring great fitting partners, or sponsors, is an age-old practice that will enhance your show and can help finance some or all if it. I’m going to share a few pointers to help you understand how this crucial part of the events industry works.

Notes for New York Fashion Week – Fashion Show PR

notes for NYFW Alyson Roy

Publicity is one of the most crucial elements for any fashion show.  The worst thing you could do is put on a breath-taking runway show and have nobody hear about it!  Here are six simple Do-It-Yourself PR techniques that any independent fashion designer or start-up fashion brand can use to maximize their Fashion Week impact: