August 10, 2013

Chetnasingh designer profile 1

Designer Name:  Chetna Singh

Label Name:  chetnasingh


“To have my scarves showcased at Nolcha Fashion Week NY in the first year of my inception is a dream come true! I can’t wait to be there”.

Background: I am an Emergency Medicine physician with a passion for painting and fashion. I grew up in India and moved to the United States in my early twenties. Settling down, and with my children being somewhat self sufficient, I am following my dream of merging my love for fashion and art. I produced my first set of scarves, featuring my original artwork, (oils, acrylics and mixed media) reproduced digitally onto pure Indian silk. An innovative concept much like a giclee but wearable and luxurious. I am currently supporting a nonprofit against domestic abuse with my latest scarf and hope to involve more in the future and give back to the community and less fortunate.

Vision: My goal is to create an appreciation for my “Art Scarves” and to bring an Indian influence to a classic western statement piece. To push the limits on the square scarf, with the typical patterns while maintaining the classic luxury aspect. I want women to make a fashion statement with my art.

Signature Style: Avant garde, Artsy, luxurious, and classic with a twist.

Influence: My upbringing in India has had a strong influence on me. People and mythology fascinate me and is reflected in all my artwork and in turn, my scarves.

Brand philosophy: The woman who wears my scarf is classy, confident and sophisticated. She has an appreciation for the arts and draws eyes towards her wherever she goes.

Making it happen: After dreaming about the concept for several years I finally took the step this year and made it happen. I am blessed to have a wonderful and supportive family that has allowed me to pursue my passion. It’s a learning process and I learn something new every day, from web design to branding to PR to marketing. I am lucky to have friends and sometimes complete strangers who have been so helpful along the way.

Celebrity crush: I would have loved to meet Audrey Hepburn. She is the epitome of style and would be my dream model!

What does New York City mean to you? There is no place on earth like New York! The city pulses with style, creativity and fashion. The energy and passion that runs through the veins of New York cannot be found in any other fashion capitals of the world. This is where my scarves need to be, in front of an audience that appreciates and accepts something outside the box!