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Pavé The Way®


About the Brand

Pavé The Way® with Philanthropy Is Beautiful® Jewelry is a unique social enterprise model that puts the power to make a positive change in the customer’s hands. We donate 100 percent of profit to each purchaser’s charity of choice. Founded by Joan Hornig, the brand was launched in 2002 at Bergdorf Goodman in New York and is currently sold online and at fine retailers and museum shops across the United States. Sales to date have generated millions of dollars in donations to over 1,000 non-profit organizations around the world — all chosen by customers.


Philanthropy is Beautiful® fine jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind or produced in very limited editions for the true jewelry aficionado. They are as personal as your passions for helping others.


Pavé The Way® Jewelry features pavé diamonds to highlight the messages you want to share with others, helping you actively change the world by empowering, nourishing and protecting what is most precious to you.


Our goal is for every client to enjoy being a philanthropist and enable every non-profit they care about to benefit.


Each piece is intended to be a conversation starter with its own punch of personality and intentional messaging. Our jewelry is designed to be worn on its own or layered. Mix metals, gemstones, scale and price points to make your personal statement about making a difference.


And, of course, sustainability and respect for our planet have always been part of the company’s DNA.


“Bold, expressive, statement necklaces designed for all ages and fashion silhouettes define the cornerstone of this fall’s collection.


Achieved using larger scale, unusual natural stones with the newest shapes, cuts and color combinations, the Fall 2023 collection draws inspiration from the powerful women we have seen emerge in all sectors of late. Necklaces, the cornerstone of the collection, have been designed to work with any silhouette– large shoulder pads, bodycon, and deep bareskin necklines. They can be draped down one’s back, wrapped in multiple ways around one’s neck, or worn as a long strand making them as versatile and personal as the person selecting them to make an outfit or enhance one.


They pay homage to the well known features of the line’s 23 years; they are original, comfortable, while large, not bulky. Their balance is achieved using different hues, polishes and shapes not through rigid symmetry and patterns. One will always find accents of 18k gold and sterling silver that are all ethically sourced and reworked metals. Signature lifesaver clasps  meant to be worn in the front, side or back are also prominently featured.

As a nod to women as leaders and the importance of sustaining our environment, bumblebee jasper is used for the first time in the collection as well as some antique and vintage pieces from my personal collection.


The earrings retain the hallmark features that make them favorites of loyal Joan Hornig Jewelry purchasers – they are kinetic, mask ripped ear hole piercings, catch the light and play off of the necklaces.


The message of the line remains the same: 100% of the profit is donated from each piece to the purchaser’s charity of choice and they, like their wearer, have a lot to say about conscious consumerism, what big issues we have to tackle and helping others.”


  • Joan Hornig, Designer