Eva Prokai








AMNESIA was founded in 2002 by Eva Prokai, aiming at offering unique garments and accessories to women that prefer sexy pieces inspired by top trends yet unique. As a fast fashion brand, AMNESIA stands for beauty, style, quality and free spirited women. The AMNESIA woman is  multi-faceted, exciting, creative and sensitive just like the owner of the brand, Eva Prokai, who has always developed and improved her brand by following her intuition. She doesn’t only want to follow trends but go beyond the conventional and the ordinary.


What is your inspiration for this season’s collection?

Our capital and home, Budapest, and our country, Hungary are an endless source of inspiration. For the SS20 collection, we used well-known attributes of the Budapest armour, and we designed the pieces of the collection in the trendy colours of our national flag. We built internationally well-know hungaricums into the design as well, but the characteristic black and white striped and dotted looks will also be part of the collection.


What makes your collection unique?

Once again, we turned to Budapest and Hungary for inspiration, and the hungaricums we built into the design make our collection unique as well as trendy. Budapest and Hungary are famous for their baths and bath culture, water plays an important role in Hungarian people’s lives. We combined the topic of water with the Refinery29 project, and added new ensembles to the collection. A strong feature is the transparent fabric that enables us to present multiple layers on the runway. A strong characteristic of the brand is enhancing the shapes of the female body with body con dresses that are now paired with trendy trench coats made with rich layers of fabric, blazers, jackets, and vests. A part of the collection was made of delicate, almost transparent satin that feels like water on the skin.