Designer Name:
Eva Prokai

Label Name:


AMNESIA was founded in 2002 by Eva Prokai, aiming at offering unique garments and accessories to women that prefer sexy pieces inspired by top trends yet unique. As a fast fashion brand, AMNESIA stands for beauty, style, quality and free spirited women. The AMNESIA woman is  multi-faceted, exciting, creative and sensitive just like the owner of the brand, Eva Prokai, who has always developed and improved her brand by following her intuition. She doesn’t only want to follow trends but go beyond the conventional and the ordinary.

When was your brand founded?



What is your inspiration for this season’s collection?

Our amazing, vibrant city, Budapest.


What is your inspiration for this season’s collection?
Once again, we are inspired by the beauty of our city – there are so many visual pleasures for visitors here. We evoke winter colors and mood by visualizing the night with its vibrant, mystic lights.
What materials are used in this season’s collection?
As always, we used different types of vegan leather and faux fur, and the hit of the season, patent faux leather is also featured in the collection. Soft layers of thin and thick knitted viscose are a must in creating harmony. Trendy chains also take an important role in the Eva Prokai – AMNESIA collection. A returning element is black and white stripes, the Budapest silhouette and its colourful version, and besides uni mat and shiny vegan letters, checkered pieces and animal print are also featured.
Where are your materials sourced and your garments manufactured?
The majority of fabrics are sourced in Italy, and the whole collection of Eva Prokai – AMNESIA pieces are made in Hungary.
What makes your collection unique?
The patterns on the fabrics are our own graphic design, which are party animal prints and partly the view of the city at night.
What statement is your brand trying to make?
Every woman is beautiful wearing Eva Prokai – AMNESIA pieces in the Budapest night.