“It’s an opportunity of a life time to be involved in Nolcha Fashion Week: New York. I am thrilled in every sense of the word.”


Growing up in ghana I watched my mother transform her client’s closet into timeless pieces. Which motivated me at age 13 to pursue my career as a fashion designer. I studied arts in high school and in 2011 attended  Joyce Ababio college of creative design, a one year intensive program which equipped me for the fashion industry.  I also worked under her for another year before I established myself as a fashion designer.


Our vision is to go beyond merely designing and selling clothing but to help our customers find the beauty in themselves in a way that is unique and appropriate for that individual.

Signature style:

My style is very feminine and eclectic , vintage yet modern with the use of African prints and western fabrics. You will notice a lot of curves and different elements which emphasise a feminine nature  in a vintage African perspective. I like simple clean cuts that strike an audience with just one look. I recently started my men’s line which has feminine features like curves  yet exhibits the natural structural elements of the masculine stature.


My influence is based on the human figure, what is perceived on a daily basis and nature. I’m also influenced by legendary designers like Chanel and Valentino.

Brand philosophy

I exhibit the philosophy of freedom in my garments, through fabrics such as chiffon, charmeuse and the likes. I also believe in good finishing touches in a garment. “The inside of one’s garment should look just as good as the outside of your garment”, a phrase which never left me after hearing this over and over from Joyce Ababio one of Ghana’s most prominent fashion designers who I had the privilege of working under.

Making it happen

My career as a fashion designer is only beginning.  I love to see people glow in my garments, it’s very fulfilling. It gives me confidence.

Fun Fact

It’s playful and feminine just like a butterfly which is an iconic symbol of what my brand stands for.

What does New York City mean to you?

NYC eats, breaths and screams fashion. One of the major focal points of everything fashion.