Chasity Sereal


Chasity Sereal is a designer based in Houston, TX known for non-traditional wedding gowns, formal gowns, & prom dresses. Sereal started her business in 2009 with inspiration from the late Alexander McQueen.


Her first creative idea was to start with a sweet sixteen tutu dress inspired by colorful trends worn by top celebrities. Being self-taught, she consistently designed, learned quickly, and began to shift her vision and audience. Everyone such as photographers, models, and stylists began to see her determined, fearless and eccentric creativity in her designs. She believes that the Sereal experience is the beginning and end to every woman’s dream.


Now, Sereal is continuously evolving and challenging the standards of high fashion and plans to be published in many more publications. She is always willing to work with new stylists and photographers and wishes for her gowns to be in film in the near future. With detailed creativity and inspiring designs, she hopes to grow each time she finishes a gown furthering her success story.


When was your brand founded?



What is your inspiration for this season’s collection? 

I drew inspiration for this season’s collection from the idea that women and nature are forever connected and have many similarities. They are both powerful yet delicate.


What materials are used in this season’s collection? 

For this collection I will be using silk, beaded laces, leather, metal, and textured fabric.


Where are your materials sourced and your garments manufactured?

I shop at local fabric stores and order materials online. All of my garments are handmade by me, of course.


Where are you based? 



Where does your line currently retail? 

Custom designs are created and sold at Chasity’s design studio and ready-to-wear items are available for pre-order online.


What makes your collection unique? 

Detailed hand-sewn appliqués and beading with an avant-garde style separates, Sereal’s designs from the rest. This collection calls for leather accents which has never been used before in Chasity Sereal designs


What statement is your brand trying to make?

My brand is to inspire women to confidently be themselves even if it means going against the norm. I hope to represent young women who take risks and go after their dreams.