Christina Yi

“Nolcha Fashion Week will provide a platform for the label to gain maximum exposure with the fashion elite.”


CHRISTINA YI is the namesake label for the contemporary women’s and menswear brand by fashion designer Christina Yi. She has been creating and designing mini one of a kind collections since 2009. Now New York based, Yi is focused on launching her Ready-to-Wear.

The designer was born in Monterey, CA and grew up in Seattle before relocating to Chicago to pursue her BFA at Columbia. Propelled by past successes such as winning the prestigious FGI Competition and receiving a Hokin Award, Yi made the transition to New York to make her mark on the fashion industry. Her intro to the New York fashion scene was welcomed by celebrity attendees and the fashion elite at her debuted Fall/Winter ’13 collection entitled Serpents Nest during New York Fashion Week.

Yi worked for fashion designer Asher Levine, Gemma Kahng and currently works for Vince Camuto while focusing on her own label.


Ultimately, the goal is to launch the label at a global scale by applying for programs such as CFDA Funding, CFDA Incubator, FGI Rising Star, GenArts and to find the support of a financial investor. With the backing of investor(s), the label will be able to focus on sales in boutiques and department stores first nationwide then internationally.

Signature Style

Dark Rock edge with a Gothic romanticism for any trendsetter wanting to make a statement.


Even though my influences change from collection to collection, the common threads are a deep emotion, history, architecture and culture.

Brand philosophy

To create unforgettable designs for the fashion forward consumer; focusing on luxe garments and accessories for both men and women with concentration on quality, intense aesthetics and sharp workmanship.

Making it happen

Currently, the label continues to grow creatively through personal funding, self promotion and conceptual-yet wearable designs (statement pieces). Amongst the vital goals is to continue building recognition through the support of the fashion elite- who year after year demand the most exquisite and memorable designs.

Celebrity crush

Daphne Guinness, Coco Rocha, Rooney Mara, Johnny Depp, Adam Levine and Ryan Gosling

What does New York City mean to you?

To me New York City means evolution. With my beginning life experiences evolving into who I am now, NYC is where I chose to start my most important chapter in life; Fashion Designer.