Claire Farwell London


Claire, originally from England, began her career as a model and actress. She graced the pages of countless fashion magazines, appeared in movies and well known TV commercials across the globe. Her body,  gorgeously fit and feminine, helped her secure work time and time again, with her curves being one of her most marketable assets. In 2009 that all came crashing down.

After a routine first mammogram, Claire learned that she had breast cancer. Claire underwent 5 grueling surgeries to rid her body of the cancer and give her a chance at continuing her life as a devoted wife, mother and career woman. Her only option was to have a mastectomy, and made the choice to have a double mastectomy.

Today, Claire is cancer free yet her battle with cancer and her journey through it have inspired her to reach out to milions of women touched by this devasting disease.

“One life, one body, go out and be all the woman that you ever dreamt of.”


To create original, practical and timeless pieces that are essential items for years to come. Through fashion, Claire Farwell London’s desire is to help spread the word that you can be as strong and sexy as ever, and create further breast cancer awareness.

Signature style

Elegant, comfortable & unique designs with a British accent


Every man or woman touched by breast cancer & their strength to move through each step. YSL, Valentino, Herve Leger, Dior & the list goes on….quality & substance and originality.

Brand philosophy

Designed for the practical, cheeky & classy woman who lives life & tells her story through Claire Farwell London fashion.

Making it happen

Being true to the creativeness within is the only way to live peacefully!

Celebrity crush

Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Princess Diana and the list could go on

What does New York City mean to you?

Suprises, late nights, inspiration, fabulous style, perseverance and stamina.