Cute Like Mad

“Showing at the Nolcha Shows during New York Fashion Week is an incredible opportunity to increase exposure and gain industry response for Cute Like Mad.”



With a visual focus and a determined fashion sense since youth, Jeanette has a multifaceted background in technology, Pilates, as well as in the fashion industry. Born in Sweden, Jeanette has also lived and studied in London and San Francisco.


Creating unique styles that empower the wearer with confidence.


Signature Style

Relaxed luxury with an injection of rock ‘n’ roll. Tough as nails and yet refined.



As a chronic traveler, Jeanette takes influences from her journeys and the different cultural influences she encounters.


Brand Philosophy

Cute Like Mad is for the woman who has a rebellious edge, sometimes perfectly concealed. Someone who doesn’t mind standing out in a crowd, opens their own doors, laughs out loud, wears “too tall” heels and then kicks them off and dances barefoot.


If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?

Emma Watson is a muse for me, not only is she incredibly stylish, but she has a sharp mind and strong humanitarian values. She is a bit of a rebel such as myself. Not to mention that my daughters would flip out, if Hermione wore Cute Like Mad!


Brand statement

Reveal Your Rebellious Edge, Be Daring, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself


Brand News