Danny Nguyen Couture

“It is going to be  great to show during Nolcha Shows.”




Lurid fluorescent light spills over a shadowy figure working deep into the night. Exacting needles, spools of fine thread, and luxuriant fabrics find their way in and around the dexterous hands of this diligent artist. Reckless passion is cast aside and replaced by the brutal will of a true fashion designer. To describe Danny Nguyen’s talents with words would be as futile as identifying infinity with a number.



Despite his now bolstering yet enigmatic personality, Danny Nguyen’s foundation in the fashion world is rooted in the soil of humility. He began as a child, under the wing of his mother. Predating his arrival to the United States, Danny would be seen at a very early age cutting fabrics, collecting designs and assisting with custodial chores around his mothers alteration. During this period, he developed and refined many of the essential skills of a fine fashion designer.




Fashion and style are based on the culture and heritage of people in action with each other.



Signature Style

Hand made evening dresses.




Parisian haute couture houses, made work and culture costume.



Brand Philosophy

Wild yet redefines into creative beauty.



If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?

Angelina Jolie because she is a very classy lady, period.