Fine Art of Fashion

Tell us some information about the course(s)

Junior students enrolled in the FDES 303


Fashion Design IV: Advanced Draping class and seniors enrolled in the FDES 403


Fashion Design IV: Senior Studio II class competed in the juried competition for a spot to showcase at the Nolcha Shows 2016.


The FDES 303 course focuses on developing advanced draping and clothing construction techniques. Students create a three-piece themed collection for men, women, and children. The FDES 403 course focuses on creating a five-piece fashion design collection of the student’s choice.


Both courses focus on the students creating a variety of original styles and tailored looks by rendering sketches, developing patterns (manually and digitally), constructing prototypes, selecting fabrics, and constructing garments of original design in fashion fabric.


What were the students’ inspirations?

The students designed their looks based on a variety of inspirations. The juniors were assigned a theme, Fine Art of Fashion, and each student chose an artist or art movement as a rich source of inspiration for their collection. Student, Benish Masih was inspired by the Qajar Art Movement, Erin Boggs used Street Art as inspiration, Venus Khosravani drew her inspiration from Michaelangelo, Sarantos Papavasilakis was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, Tatsiana Toustik by Andy Warhol, and Tearsa Thomas’ inspiration came from Magical Realism.


The seniors each designed a five-piece collection based on their inspiration of choice. Amber Lloyd was inspired by the contorted shapes of the deciduous forest in the winter, Sherese Mclean designed a Japanese inspired collection, Janic’e Sethman was inspired by the emotion of growth and development, and Jasmine Ward’s inspiration came from spring time in Paris.


What three things does your program instill in to the students?

The purpose of the program’s brand is to provide the students with the following:


1. A comprehensive approach to teaching technical fashion design with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, fine arts, design, and business.


2.The foundation to cultivate a myriad of skills in ready-to-wear and couture garment design and construction using the latest technology in a state-of-the-art design studio.


3.Industry-relevant experiences preparing them for professions in the global women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, and related industries.


Why were these students chosen to participate in the Nolcha Shows?

Thirteen junior and senior students competed for ten spots in the coveted Nolcha Shows. Local fashion industry professionals judged the designs and they selected the work of Erin Boggs, Venus Khosravani, Amber Lloyd, Benish Masih, Sherese McLean, Sarantos Papavasilakis, Janic’e Sethman, Tearsa Thomas, Tatsiana Toustsik, and Jasmine Ward.


What can we expect to see during your collective runway show?

The students will offer a diverse fashion display of looks that pay homage to technical innovations, global fashion, and current trends. The collective features a broad and diverse mix of looks reflecting elegant lines, the use of a mix of innovative and traditional textiles and textures, surface design techniques, form fitting and fluid silhouettes, and wearable styles.


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