Fite Fashion


Fite Fashion


About the Brand

Fite Fashion was founded in 2018 by Michelle and Thomas Fite. Michelle designs elegant eco-luxury wear that will turn heads at any occasion. Her looks cater to the modern woman who desires a silhouette that is timeless, effortless and empowering.


Each piece is handmade to order using couture techniques. Fite Fashion uses only the highest quality materials and sources the most environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrics available. Every detail, down to their 100% recycled packaging, is environmentally conscious and plastic-free. Their goal is to provide you with the most ethical and sustainable options so you can not only look amazing, but feel amazing knowing that your choices have a low impact on the planet.


Fite Fashion strives to create formal wear that is keepsake quality and will last for years. Each of their designs are made locally in Philadelphia using ethical manufacturing processes, including a living wage for everyone involved. They emphasize separates in their collection to maximize versatility and styling possibilities for each look.


We have partnered with Inversa Leathers to showcase sustainably sourced leathers from invasive species, such as the Burmese python in Florida. These pythons pose an ecological disaster for the Everglades. Creating designs with them provides incentive for their removal and keeps their beautiful hides from going to waste.

Stylistically, this collection is an ode to Michelle’s teenage self, and features an edge yet not seen in her previous work.