“Nolcha Fashion Week is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to show my unusual creations to an audience of fashionphiles and industry professionals who are drawn to emerging designers. It’s exciting to have the chance to really showcase the diversity of my designs and the wide variety of aesthetics my pieces embody to an audience that appreciates new concepts and embraces designers with a unique vision!”


Fashion has always been important to me from dressing myself, to styling my friends, to collecting fashion magazines and giving expository speeches on supermodel Kate Moss. But it wasn’t until long after I’d graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in English, spent 5 years as an arts and entertainment journalist and dabbled in fine art that I took my rudimentary knowledge of alterations tailoring  – mostly learned on the fly while mending and hemming vintage garments – into a whirlwind adventure with art garment creation.


Whether I’m creating fun and flirty party separates or a luxe gown with a 10′ train, I want my pieces to have impact. Alternative materials including tape, paper and cellophane are my mediums of choice but when someone sees a woman in one of my pieces, I want them to first comment on how beautiful she looks, then ask what the piece is made from and last but not least, if it really is comfortable enough to wear! And usually that’s how it goes, with a few pictures snapped in-between!

Signature style

Bold, beautiful and always otherworldly, no matter what planet you’re from.


I find inspiration in everything! A grand fresh flower arrangement in a luxury resort lobby, stacks of party napkins in the sale bin, the latest hair and make-up trends or foam art the local barrista draws on top of my non-fat latte… everything in my life has a creative purpose. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by many talented, interesting and hard working artist of all disciplines, it’s difficult to say what is my biggest influence but if I had to choose I would say: sparkles. Anything that sparkles will always get at least a few long looks from me!

Brand philosophy

Any material, no matter how common or mundane can become a thing of beauty with a little help from an artist’s imagination, hard work and ingenuity.

Making it happen

Since I started creating alternative material art garments in 2009, I’ve made over 200 pieces for such a wide variety of projects it’s almost impossible to recall them all. That volume of production in such a short time means that I’m always always always working. And I’m always seeking out projects that present new and different challenges for the pieces I create. No matter what I’ve planned for my next design, I try to stay flexible. With alternative materials the unexpected is a constant but I never let an element intimidate me, being continually inventive is the key to creating a successful piece!

Celebrity crush/fans

Karen O. lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I saw her perform this Spring and she was a glittery Rock n’ Roll BEAST on stage in the most glamorous of ways.

What does New York City mean to you?

New York is the ultimate marketplace. The streets are the runways, the retail windows are as beautiful as a magazine editorial, the city itself is the chicest boutique on the planet! Whatever you could desire is always right around the corner.