Gail Be

” I feel it is an honour to be part of the talented designers for Nolcha Fashion Week 2014.  I think it’s exciting to be part of something so creative.  I plan to learn a lot, raise my own bar for excellence, and to have fun while I’m doing it”


My career began 24 years ago with a gift of 4 beading lessons. From the moment I started I had unquenchable passion. I went on to become the exclusive Jewelry Designer for the Largest Wedding Fashion Shows in the Twin Cities. I wanted more than accessorizes in my life—I did not know how to sew, but I could bead. I started creating new techniques where the base of my designs are beads not fabric. I bead onto beads to achieve a look that fabric can’t match. I became a Designer for Aids Benefit Fashion Shows and various private showings around the U.S. I opened my Studio in 2007 and continue to create techniques making fabric free designs.


I take great care in constructing my dresses with materials that can survive centuries. I create intricate designs with beads no longer being produced to guarantee one-of-a-kind dresses. I think great Fashion is Art. My Vision is that after they are worn, my dresses will retire to Museums around the world.

Signature Style

I use no Fabric in my Custom Pieces. My materials consist of beads, sequins, feathers, stones and ribbons. I do not pre-sketch, sew, use mathematical calculations or draw any of my Designs. Everything I create is made as it unfolds. In 2014 GBD Studio will be incorporating fabric in some designs, to make them accessible for Red Carpet Events.


I love Great Art and the people who dedicated years, decades, centuries to complete their work—they did not stop. When a Fashion piece is GREAT you can feel the energy standing by it. We get chills, goose bumps, become speechless and awestruck even cry. I LOVE so many of the current Couture Fashion Designers that create from their soul. They allowed the energy to come through–sharing with us dresses that can Never be Copied. Mucho Gracias.

Brand philosophy

To create Awesome Dresses that people can stand in front of and go “HOW did they do that” Great Art in any genre paintings, music, sculpture, in my case Fashion raises the vibration of the soul. My philosophy is help raise the World’s Entergy Level by going to the depths of your God Given Greatness and make something AMAZING.

Making it happen

I Push myself. It doesn’t matter that I made the World ‘s Largest Beaded Wedding Dress. It doesn’t matter that it took me years to complete. It doesn’t matter that it cost me tens of thousands of dollars. What matters is that it’s Awesome! Keep going even when you want to quit, even when everyone thinks you’re crazy. Perseverance with skill “makes it happen.”

Celebrity crush

Angelia Jolie, Alexander McQueen(S. Burton), Lady GaGa

What does New York City mean to you?

Great diversity from the worlds largest melting pot, great fashion, great things to see, great food, great plays, great museums, great architecture, Nolcha, fun and taxis.