Gregory Apparel

“I’m excited and proud to be included in such a well known and established collaborative show with this group of talented designers.”


Since graduation from the Apparel Design Program in Seattle 2001, it has been a winding road of different experiences. From theater costume building to technical design for production at Elie Tahari with many odd jobs in between, the designer has learnt many different facets of garment creation.


It’s about the right dress on the right girl. That moment of magic.

Signature Style

Feminine modern minimalist with a dash of prep.


Architecture, Vintage 30’s and 50’s and 70’s Sci-Fi movies.

Brand philosophy

Making fashion forward, modern designs accessible for almost any figure.

 Making it happen

I design and build all sales samples and enjoy every step of the process. I’m an artisan at heart.

 Fun fact

Tim Gunn once told me, “You design for reality”. That’s right Tim, I do!

What does New York City mean to you?

A city with no glass ceiling. All things are possible good and bad with some amazing/weird/funny random moments that make living here a wonderful experience.