“Being a part of Nolcha fashion week will be a great experience for my brand.”


Jennifer credits the years of her life as a woman in New York City as her most influential. Family and her passion to design contributed to her love of fashion, drawing and sewing. Coming from a family of fashionable women, kept Jennifer updated on the latest trends and styles.

Jennifer’s hunger for fashion continued into her teenage years, so she attended Fashion Industries High school. FIH is where she decided to turn her dreams of being a fashion designer into reality. Jennifer spent several years in the industry and completed her BA in Science of Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Jennifer takes her most pride in being a full-time mother. Motherhood in New York City inspired her to create a line that gives the ultimate chic look after having children.


To dress women of all ages in styles. Specially targeting mothers and giving the message that you can still be look and feel fabulous after having children.

Signature Style

The collection will include a wide range of designs all with the intent to make the wearer feel her ultimate best.

Brand philosophy

JBURGOS caters to the fashionable and chic woman. It presents a comprehensive clothing line, which is created for the woman that desires a wardrobe that showcases the shape of her body, while at the same time making her feel refined and confident. JBURGOS’ mission is to produce trendy, yet classy clothing, which in turn will bring out a woman’s confidence by accentuating the female form in a beautiful way.

Making it happen

As a fulltime mom, fulltime worker and fulltime designer, I continue to keep pushing forward with my goals no matter what.

Fun fact

Jburgos designs aim to target women of all ages and styles. From young to the older more sophisticated woman.

What does New York City mean to you?

New York City is what I call not just my home but also what I call the jungle city. You never know what you’re going to come across in NYC. There are so many different types of people with so many different backgrounds and fashion styles that there is nothing more than inspiration all over the streets of NYC. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.