“It’s an exciting moment to be a part of Nolcha Shows, for the third time.”




June Sohn has a BFA degree in Fashion Design from Parsons in New York. She worked at Guess in outerwear for 4 years, was the brand manager of organic products for 3 years, and the Brand Director at SOHNSOHN for 3 years, before launching her own brand “Tank Citi” and “JUNGWON”.




We are focused on our online shop and our goal is to reach the consumer directly by focusing on what kind of jacket we can design to make the lives of our consumers better and more confident.



Signature style

JUNGWON design functional jackets that are breathable, waterproof, windproof, and practical enough to go with any occasion. Our designs are stylish and slimming, and comfortable enough to wear everyday. Stylish enough to look slim.




The JUNGWON collection is inspired by living in New York City and all of the designers experiences.  JUNGWON combines the inspirtation of NYC city living and combines it with traditional Korean customs.


Brand philosophy

“The One Jacket You Need in NYC”: I have been living in and out of NYC for over a decade and have been working in the city for some time. Every morning I take the subway and walk several blocks to the office. I sometimes enjoy my commute, but when the weather is not friendly, it is a really troublesome getting out in the wind or in the rain. The weather in NYC has been less predictable and I have been looking for a jacket or coat that I can depend on for many years. I saw many high performance outerwear jackets in the specialty stores for serious outdoor wear, but they were not for my everyday work clothes. As a designer working in the city, I needed a great look. I needed more than just rain coat or wind breaker. I looked for outerwear that I could wear regardless of the destination but it was so hard and my patience ran out. I stopped looking and started designing one for myself. I had worked as an outerwear designer for a designer brand and had the knowledge and skill to make them. But this time I looked for different fabric and materials. I wanted to make outerwear that could protect me from wind or rain and also could be machine-washed at home. It was challenging from the beginning but very rewarding. I started to get orders and that encouraged me to start my own brand, “Jungwon”. Jungwon aims to give secure protection and comfort to all who wear it; all of our fabrics are water-proof, wind-proof, wrinkle-free and breathable. To maximize its function, we have chosen the most advanced high-tech materials available in the market. They are very strong and resilient in any weather condition but still breathable, and comfortable. Jungwon wants to make you look chic and classic. Yes, there is a new trend every season, but we try to make outerwear that you can rely on for many years. This is our philosophy of “the one jacket you need in NYC.”




What does New York City mean to you?

New York City always keeps me going and gives me new motivation.