Katty Xiomara


Even though I was born in Venezuela my parents were Portuguese. At 17 I made a decision and moved to Portugal. I attended the Fashion Design course in in Porto. In 1999, in partnership with my husband, we created the brand KattyXiomara. Since then the brand participates regularly at Fashion Week in Portugal and in some occasions at Fashion Week Paris. In 2005 the brand initiated the commercial path, attending various trade fairs like; Bread and Butter, Who’s Next and most recently at Project and Coterie in U.S.A.


The brand has a very own unique concept and we hope this will be recognized by the public and industry. Our main goal is the brand’s growth at international level and New York is the perfect place to continue this.

Signature Style

Elegant, voluptuous, poetic, idyllic and romantic woman. The merger of the fluidity and rigidity of forms create a very own silhouette, so elegant and refined. The contours are simple but artsy with small details. Sweetly ironic and sarcastic. It’s sensual and feminine, defined primarily by mixing patterns, textures and colors.


I have the notion that I get a lot of influence in many ways and from various places. I like what the past left us subconsciously and I therefore have the tendency to reinvent. Graphic art is also a fundamental premise in my work.

Brand philosophy

The brand’s philosophy falls within the concept of the author which makes it personal. With an individual strong attitude for style and by the romantic spirit. The working structure is meticulous and the constant attention is needed.

Making it happen

I love to see the brand conquer the moment and overcome obstacles whether it’s new or distant.

Celebrity crush

Mick Jagger, a rebellious character that reflect the incomparable attitude with a unique form.

What does New York City mean to you?

For me New York is a city that proclaims liberty. The city tell us that we can take a risk that we only need to feel the symphony of the city and let it take us. It’s a metropolis that breathes urban glamour.