KavenLiu DIMOR


Founded in October 2017, Dimor Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on event planning, art curation, cultural and artistic exchanges, and apparel lifestyle packaging. It covers the KavenLiu DIMOR apparel brand. KavenLiu DIMOR aims to interpret the unique charm of Chinese clothing with an original design, creating a life experience that is both a sense of belonging and freedom for women.


When was your brand founded?



What is your inspiration for this season’s collection? 

The design of the KavenLiu DIMOR Spring/Summer 2019 collection is inspired by the original illusions of the Chinese philosophers on mountains, seas, myths and the world. The design incorporates the concept of harmony between man and nature. The designer combines his exploration of the universe, the tolerance and awe of multiculturalism, and the love of life and sincerity with the design style of Dimor, to create a mountain and sea adventure that meets modern aesthetics and wear.


What materials are used in this season’s collection?

Imported fabric, including 100% silk.


Where are your materials sourced and your garments manufactured?

Nanjing, Jiangsu, ChinaW


here are you based?



Where does your line currently retail?

Jiangsu, China


What makes your collection unique? 

The KavenLiu DIMOR design starts with the overall packaging and integrates the design elements throughout. It aims to create a comprehensive design concept of beauty, clothing, accessories and styling, so that women can get a better design experience.


What statement is your brand trying to make?

The design style that KavenLiu DIMOR has been pursuing has never been for the sake of fashion, to cater to fashion trends, or for show. The costume interpretation of KavenLiuDIMOR is more closely related to the daily life of ordinary women and pursues the emotional experience of “liberalization” and “feeling” in design. “Liberalization” is not only reflected in the comfortable wearing experience, but also in providing consumers with personalized and diversified choices. “The sense of belonging” is the most inseparable from the modern design. Dealing with the “clothing, food, housing and travel” to create a living atmosphere like “Who am I?”