Magdalena Adriane

I am very excited that Nolcha is giving me the opportunity to bring the elegance and magic from my vision of Vienna‘s notorious Ball and Opera culture to New York.”


Upon successful completion of the Viennese master class for fashion and the Master Arte della Moda from the Accademia Italiana in Florence, Magdalena Adriane Toth founded her own label “Magdalena Adriane” in 2009.

From fabulous, flowing, airy materials like tulle, silk and lace, she creates very feminine, romantic and elegant outfits with haute-couture charm. With her timeless collections and their emphasis on tailoring skills and details, they already conquered cities such as New York, Berlin, Paris and Vienna.

The rise of the young designer began in 2011 as Magdalena Adriane presented her Spring/Summer 2012 collection at the Austrian/Slovakian Fashion Night in New York. Shortly after, followed with her participation at the Bread & Butter in Berlin, the Prêt-à-Porter in Paris Expo, the Vienna Fashion Night and MQ Vienna Fashion Week in Vienna.

Since 2012, Magdalena Adriane also designs men’s fashion. As for her women’s collection, the combination of skilled cuts and intriguing detail-oriented materials are a protruding element. The emphasis is on light fabrics, such as silk, that meet with classic, masculine cuts.

The individual pieces of her collection are custom made for each customer by Magdalena Adriane, from design inception to the finished piece.


“My creations emphasize the individual style of my clients”, is the credo of Magdalena Adriane. “The Goal is a timeless, stylish and affordable look for any occasion”. Noble materials, traditional tailoring and a feminine lifestyle serve as inspiration for the designer. On this basis, she produces bespoke evening wear, cocktail and wedding dresses with her playful, romantic look that international scene connoisseurs already enjoy in the highest esteem.

Signature style

Elegant outfits with haute-couture charm.


Having grown up surrounded by Vienna‘s famous ball culture traditions, Magdalena Adriane is very inspired by the excitement of a grand night out. Noble materials, traditional tailoring and a feminine lifestyle also serve as inspiration for the designer.

Brand philosophy

To create a look that is timeless, stylish and affordable, making any occasion a bit more special.

Making it happen

Magdalena Adriane invests her entire passion in the development of her collections. She is therefore overjoyed that her work came across such a positive response and has the chance to present at the Nolcha Fashion Week New York.

Celebrity crush

Joaquin Phoenix (without the beard) and Scarlett Johansson.

What does New York City mean to you?

Respect for hard work and craftsmanship and the opportunity to reach many cultures at once.