Maison de Papillion

“We are absolutely thrilled to present this new category in fashion at Nolcha. To showcase our distinct collection amongst an incredible group of talented designers will be a truly epic experience.”


Founder Danielle Salinas and partner Shriya Bisht are a fascinating combination. The two worlds of Texas and India met while attending Parsons The New School of Fashion Design in NYC and they immediately related in their love of life, travel, and the love of fashion. They didn’t start out as fashion designers but as successful business women determined to create a luxury collection that is comfortable to sleep and travel in while never losing its unique elegant style. This concept didn’t exist in the market and their collaboration was born. Combining Danielle’s incredible eye for classic design and Shriya’s talent in the medium of oil on canvas together they create a gorgeous fluidity of luxury that is mobile for the busy woman.


We live in a 24/7 world in which the boundaries defined by old rhythms of time seem anachronistic. The boundaries between work and leisure, casual and formal, day and night no longer are well defined. Maison de Papillion’s Sleepwalker collection is designed for an increasingly active woman in mind.
Using the best fabrics and giving attention to every detail, Maison de Papillon is committed to providing looks of unparalleled quality. Each piece is versatile and a beautiful addition to the wardrobe of any woman in today’s world.

Signature style

It’s versatile, luxurious, and most importantly comfortable without losing its sophisticated style & elegance… Maison de Papillon “Sleepwalker” is a luxury hybrid collection of sleepwear, loungewear, travelwear, and ready to wear! YES! It is all those “wears” in one. It is the MUST HAVE for the world traveller, world dominating, woman on the go!


Old world elegance brought back for the modern day classic women on the go. Fall 2014 collection is based on the concept of “Ode to Protection”

Brand philosophy

Maison de Papillon is designed for the elegant women on the go who wants to add luxury, comfort and practicality to her wardrobe.

 Making it happen

Based on our experience of being busy business women who travel often, we identified a missing category in fashion and collaborated to meet “our” need that quickly became our focus to design for the women of today. This way of life and style is called, “Sleepwalker”.

Celebrity crush

Marlene Dietrich, Marion Cotillard, & Cate Blanchett

What does New York City mean to you?

New York has an unintentional beauty, which is truly inspirational! Central Park is magnificent and is a large part of what inspires our style. The panoramic view of the bustle below at High Line park is mesmerizing to experience and influences our creativity.