(Accessories) MONTSERRAT New York




About the Brand

Montserrat New York represents the restless energy of New York City mixed with a nostalgia of carefree summer love on the beaches of Costa Brava. Every design is created for those on the go, with all styles made to transition effortlessly between the events that come with bustling city life and weekend escapes.


The Spring/Summer 2023 collection is rooted in the theme of the Greek mythology of Calypso. In this collection, we find Calypso swept up in exciting travels with friends around Europe! They are channeling all their sexy euro vibes – think Dolce & Gabbana – and are ready to laugh, explore, make new memories, meet new people, eat great food, and party! Calypso represents two babes in one: the newly married, and the single. Although two seemingly different lifestyles, Calypso is both because she would be wearing the same pieces / outfits, going on the same trips, frequenting the same restaurants, and hustling just as much no matter the status of their love life. Whether partying in Ibiza with friends, or on their honeymoon in Mallorca, Calypso would be wearing the same outfits and jewelry on either trip! They are independent and confident, and do not change themselves for any situation of person. They are on the cusp of 30 and have found their voice, giving them a jolt of energy and confidence that is exuding in all of her friendships, relationship, and work. They no longer care about others’ opinions, and are reveling in their new found confidence, shaking off any feelings of imposter syndrome and leaning in to who they truly are and their destiny.This summer they are letting their hair down, wearing fabulous outfits that they bought for themselves, and partying in the Mediterranean with friends. Their style this SS23 is flirty, fun, and sexy. They want to stand out from the crowd and wear outfits that have others asking where they bought it from.The soundtrack of SS23 is a mix of disco ABBA tunes, Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti, and Beyonce’s Renaissance.