“I’m beyond thrilled to be part of Nolcha! It’s an amazing platform for emerging designers like myself to present their work. An audience of 400+ fashion industry influencers, a 70 foot runway, talent surrounding you…what more can a designer ask for?”


After completing her MBA in 2006, Amy Devan went on to work in marketing and sales among various industries. Though grateful for every opportunity and path crossed, she had always been a creative spirit and ultimately decided to follow her childhood dream of design. One day, feeling overwhelmed by this unshakable passion, she left all things known and comfortable to her, packed up her belongings and booked a month long trip to India to study the craftsmanship of her roots. Upon returning from India, and feeling more inspired than ever before, she moved to New York City to attend Parsons – The New School for Design. From that point, Naveda was born and the rest is history!


“Naveda is an emerging luxury womenswear brand with a Boho-couture twist. Our focus is on both ready-to-wear and custom pieces that range from casual-chic to formal-elegance. The Naveda collection of dresses, gowns and separates incorporate hand-embroidery, beading, and fine-fabrics, combining the craftsmanship of the East with silhouettes of the West and allowing for both traditional and fresh elements. Each piece is designed with a modern approach to timeless, classic looks while paying homage to the remarkable skill and talent of artisans who spend endless hours and energy beading, embroidering and weaving by hand – a true art.

The Naveda woman has a deep appreciation for such art. She is creative, an independent thinker, uninhibited, and spiritual. She enjoys travel and cultural exploration that takes her mind, body and creative soul to faraway, breathtaking places around the world. She values unique embroidery, embellishments, exotic prints and color combinations in her wardrobe and lifestyle. Her aesthetic embodies such cultural influences in a subtle (almost secret) way, while also reflecting her inner free-spirited, yet “haute” sense of style and personality.”

Signature style

My personal style is eclectic-chic. I love finding treasures from my travels that have subtle cultural influences such as embellishments, prints, or beading and pairing them items in my closet for a bit of an edgy twist. My roots are Indian, so I end up drawing inspiration from the East but with a Bohemian flare.


Naveda is very much based on travel, art and architecture – the colors, patterns, decor, and intricacies of far away places and rich culture.

Brand philosophy

Our garments should make women feel beautiful of course, but also serve as an extension of their personality, soul and energy…not to mention, wardrobe.

Making it happen

This brand, and everything I do, reflects my personal energy and entrepreneurial spirit. Design and fashion have always been my loves, and I knew at some point in life I would go after them. It was just a matter of timing. I chose to chase this dream as a second career because I wanted to understand business and operations from a global standpoint before I followed my creative fire.

Celebrity crush/fans

Bradley Cooper

What does New York City mean to you?

In a word…passion! NYC is obviously the fashion mecca of the U.S., but more than that it embodies an everlasting energy. People come from around the world to live and work in this city and chase their dream. For me, that dream was about design and fashion.