NIKISTAVIA, an independent clothing brand, seeks to bring out the genuine, noble and artistic enjoyment of dressing for its clients with personalized custom-made pieces.   The name stems from the designer who learned the history of British arts and culture while studying in the UK, and was inspired by gothic architecture and princesses of the past. The brand will introduce haute couture and high-end costumes that are tailored and customizable to suit many wearing occasions




This brand is committed to designing for the independent woman, tailored to her own measurements and characteristics, creating the perfect dress to match any occasion. The goal is to design a heart-pumping dress at first glance, enhancing the confidence, happiness and beauty of a woman.




Sweet and sexy haute couture: sweet, sexy with customization. The brand encourages women to be confident and to think independently. To show the superiority of ones personality is the creative idea behind this series.




Every woman should possess a precious collection of dresses and have sincere feeling towards it. This is the ultimate mission of a fashion designer, to create the coexistence of beauty and temperament, creating a wardrobe that inspires women to achieve their dreams.