Nina Athanasiou

“Nolcha Fashion Week is a great opportunity to achieve more attention and to reach a global audience of professionals – I hope that my participation will add to my label’s profile and that it will create new channels of distribution.”


The label was founded at the end of 2008. Ultimately, I found my way back to fashion in a roundabout way. After studying fashion design, I initially worked in different professions for a few years. For instance, I opened a bar after having worked as a freelance illustrator. Only after my two children were born did I return to fashion design and it became my ultimate passion.


To me, fashion is a means of communication. It gives us the possibility to express ourselves as individuals, to distinguish ourselves. Every morning, we decide how we want to be seen by others and dress ourselves accordingly. Fashion reflects our attitude, our interests, our personality and the time. It expresses desire and is a testimonial to the gift of human beings to reinvent themselves over and over again.

Signature style

The label attracts with its extremes: This collection, following the BOOZE, BROADS & BULLETS“-collection for spring/summer 2014, again attracts with extremes: soft floating silk is integrated with rough leather, large-meshed knit wear is combined with filigree pieces made out pearls and lace, ancient suits encounter elements from martial arts.


Some details were inspired by earlier folkloric costumes of the Balkans, others however from typical uniforms of the Ninja and samurai’s fighters or even the geisha’s. Predominant are clear shapes and strong silhouettes,supplemented and rounded off by delicate and intricate details.

The line again is working, among other things, with its own prints as well as specially handcrafted jewelry made of pure silver such as the recurring insects of various sizes.

It is a consolidation of feminine gracefulness and classic dapperness for men turned into a expressive bohemian armament which exudes strength and confidence, however without denying one’s own vulnerability or to act martial.

Brand philosophy

The materials used are always of high quality, mostly pure silk and calf skin or lamb’s leather, sometimes there are own motifs printed on fabric. Here, too, quality is of utmost importance, often inspired by past decades, but sometimes also by elements of the fetish scene. As far as the functionality of the pieces is concerned, it has hardly ever, or never been the main focus. My clothes should give you the possibility to express yourself as an individual, to give a nonverbal statement.

Making it happen

I think the root of the matter is to stay true to yourself. To reinvent yourself over and over again while continuously maintaining your own course. It’s not necessary to keep forcefully trying to surprise and cater to every trend. One should much rather strive for individuality, expanding and perfecting it. If you see fashion not only in terms of trends but rather from a creative point of view and as a form of expression, you will find the artistic access to it, which is at least as important, if not even more important as the commercial point of view.

Celebrity crush

I definitely have a crush on nearly every celebrity guy out there with a bad boy-image, tattoos and a beard :)

What does New York City mean to you?

NYC: my one and only BIG love. The roof of the world. The most urban, vibrant and inspiring place I know. That’s why I’m planning to move within the next few years. Or to say it with the Beastie Boys words: