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Oh Polly


About the Brand

Oh Polly is one of the few UK brands which designs and produces its own garments. As a result we combine both exceptional quality (which we carefully control) with unique trend driven fashion. As a heartfelt brand, we have an ethical sourcing chain with no exploitation involved. We are a brand with a purpose, giving a percentage of our profits every month to The Brannerson Foundation, a charity based in Cambodia. The charity was founded by Mike Branney and Claire Henderson, the Managing Director and CEO of Oh Polly. Every purchase made at Oh Polly helps to support a number of children in one of the poorest regions in the world. As the brand continues to grow, all thanks to the community who love wearing our clothes, so does the level of support The Brannerson Foundation is able to offer. We hope that the generations to come continue to love our collections just as much as we love making them.


Oh Polly present its newest collection. Introducing new attributes, new fabrications, and revamping our standards. Oh Polly core meets higher end trends seen across inspirational designers. Our hope is that this collection exceeds the Oh Polly customers expectations, and she thrives in what makes her feel most confident. This collection is inspired by her and her evolution to be and feel her best.