“Thrilled to be back! A first rate show, fun people, and another chance for us to bring athlete women to the runway.”


Obsessed with running and design


Feminine fierce athletic apparel for women who love to run and race

Signature Style

Bold lines and unabashed edge


Steve Jobs, Jenna Lyons, Mary Wittenberg, Sarah Lesko, Christy Turlington Burns, Katie Dalzell

Brand philosophy

Why the hell not?

Making it happen

It’s a marathon not a sprint

Fun fact

Our name is French for female bird, but it’s actually an antiquated word. The original name we wanted was Oiseau, the more typical French word for bird. That is, until we realized it’s a masculine word. We only discovered Oiselle when we went back to the drawing board. When we saw it was feminine, it was like “Eureka!”

What does New York City mean to you?

Creative freedom and individual togetherness

Oiselle sponsors professional women athletes who compete at the highest levels. Look for our team to snag spots on the Olympic Team in Rio 2016!