“Planet Zero Motorsports is very excited about being in Nolcha Shows.  Nolcha Shows represents the next level in High Fashion exposure for our company and we are honored to be involved.”


Founded in 2009, Planet Zero Motorsports, LLC (PZM) is a New York City based company that focuses on innovative motorsports equipment and apparel. The company was born from the love for riding racing motorcycles.


Kenya K Smith, the owner of PZM, has 15 years of experience as a designer and architect, and 10 years of experience riding race motorcycles on the street and the race track. Before starting PZM, Kenya managed developed some of the most acclaimed high luxury real estate development projects in New York City.


He is committed to riders wearing protective gear that can be worn with a trendsetting style. PZM wanted to create stylish looking gear and clothing because the market place for this type of wear was extremely limited and had room for a new stylish brand.
Planet Zero Motorsports has been recognized as emerging top designer. PZM recently won the top prize in the Fashion Ave News Competition for Best Designer 2015 and has been published both domestically and internationally in magazines in New York, South Africa and Japan.



Planet Zero Motorsports’ vision is to blend high fashion with motorcycle apparel and to bend the line between safety and Haute Couture.  The mission of PZM is to assure that everyone who participates in motorsports, consistently wear the apparel needed to for maximum protection.


Signature Style

Leather work, jackets, pants, gloves, and racing full body suits.



Inspiration comes from many different sources from sci-fi and military to extreme sports influences. PZM seeks to be different and when designing it usually looks to see how to change, improve and make a design more practical, durable, stronger, and more inviting to the consumer. To adapt an image into something that has to exist in the real world and make it protective in a fall. Planet Zero Motorsports’ main driver is perfection…to make the perfect piece of clothing be iconic, revolutionary, or hopefully evolutionary.


Brand Philosophy

No compromises no excuses. excellentia pro totus (excellence for all).


If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?

Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie, they both ride and they both are super stars. I am also impressed with Mr. Pitt for producing 12 years a slave with his Plan B production company.