Rinat Brodach

“This will be my first time showing and I am honored that I will be showing with Nolcha and NYC, Nolcha is such a great platform for Emerging designers “


At an early age, Rinat knew that she wanted to be a fashion designer. Her curiosity of the draping and movement of fabric led her to further exploration of fashion. In her early childhood she used fashion as a mode of expression and continues to do so today.

After serving in the Israeli Air Force and powered with a stronger sense of self and direction, she moved to San Francisco in 2005 to attend the Academy of Art University. There she received her BFA in Fashion Design.

During her senior year, Rinat’s thesis collection was honored with a year long scholarship in Paris. In 2010 she moved to Paris to attend The Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. That same year Rinat had her work published in Emerging Fashion Designers 2 by Sally Congdon-Martin. She remained in Paris for one more year working in the fashion house of Steffie Christiaens, among others, before returning to the United States in 2012 where she settled in New York City to start her own brand.


My garments are constructed to allow women to access their true power, to inspire them to lead from the heart, and to bring out the inner sensuality, with the feeling of confidence and security. I express who I am and how I feel through my clothes. We are all individuals and I tell my personal story in each garment, which makes it unique from anything else. I use draping to tell a story.

Signature Style

High fashion. I drape, there for I allow the woman beneath the garment to stand out and draw us in.


Life, Art, People…. everything that moves.

Brand philosophy

Enhancing a woman’s figure with designs that capture a gentle interplay between androgyny and sensuality. My spirituality is the identity woven into each garment that exposes the light within the dark. A philosophy of truth through expert finishing, draping, and connection to the soul throughout all of my garments.

Making it happen

I have my hands in every step of the process in making the collection and I am loving the Journey.

What does New York City mean to you?

NYC is the place where the new and the next are welcomed. This city has the energy that no other place has it in the world, the energy of the hustle, creation and making your dreams happen, the American dream!