Riza Manalo

“Nolcha showcases incredibly talented designers. A super talented team helps designers establish foundations and media needed to support their brands. I’m excited to show with Nolcha again at New York Fashion Week!”


My parents, being of a large family and mostly well rooted in medical professions, established themselves in the U.S. from the Philippines.  I was born in NYC.  My grandfather was from China and my father’s family emigrated from Spain to the Philippines.   These eclectic cross-streams drew my interest to travel fairly frequently.  After pre-optometry, business and language studies, I discovered a creative road to fashion design.

My abilities after FIT were focused toward design and technical design at: Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Isabel Toledo, Yoana Baraschi, Catherine Malandrino, John Varvatos, and others. The respective challenges and insights led me to create my own signature style.


To create Ready-To-Wear collections that expand concepts of style and design.

Signature style

Womenswear dresses and gowns. Innovative and elegant silhouettes.


Isabel Toledo, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Rucci, John Galliano, Frank Gehry.

Brand philosophy

Simple, modern elegance that brings out the best in the wearer. I like fashion’s relevance and playfulness in our current day, its historical social and cultural clues, and its ability to offer a future glimpse. The brand’s evolution is to always offer inspiration.

Making it happen

Experiencing fashion’s heartbeat means to challenge myself: The Supima Evening Gown Inaugural Competition, Finalist; Participation at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center to benefit tsunami victims. I called the show, “Facets pf Fashion.” The Brooklyn President proclaimed the day, “Artists Rescue Team for Japan Day,” in 2011; Nolcha Fall 2012 launch of my first collection, Nolcha drew celebrities and an international audience.

Inspiration is like an electric circuit…I hope to always have motivation to doodle it and engage a great team to help produce it.

Celebrity crush

I’m waaaay old-school…Cary Grant and Gene Kelly! Val Chmerkovskiy reminds of Gene Kelly.

What does New York City mean to you?

Vibrant metropolis.