Samantha Leibowitz


Originally from The Main Line outside Philadelphia, Samantha Leibowitz grew up with art museums, architecture and gardens at her exposure. The arts continue to inspire her creative mind when designing versatile apparel for her collections. In August 2015, Samantha officially launched the company known to be samantha leibowitz new york. She has efficiently designed contemporary, technical masterpieces for the bold, the independent, the adventurous and the fashion innovators. Her primary focuses are sophisticated dresses, luxurious tops, classic skirts and elegant accessories.


Based in New York City,  Samantha Leibowitz  has designed versatile apparel that is everlasting from dawn till dusk each day.  Ever since the company was established, the brand has appreciated our fashionable customers. Each and everyday we create pieces for our stylish customer who has an inspiring  appreciation of beauty.


Samantha Leibowitz aims to provide the passionate, trendy fashion innovators of the world with classic and versatile garments, fusing both fit and function.



Samantha Leibowitz is a contemporary brand with a chic twist of classic and modern style, as it evolves with the women of today and their changing environment. SLNY believes in self-discovering as a woman with direction, confidence and independence. She is always looking her best, whether it’s for a night out on the town or an important meeting. I am today’s every woman.



Inspired by art and architecture, Samantha Leibowitz New York designs the latest trends in dresses, tops, skirts, rompers, ties, bow ties and accessories. All pieces are for everyday wear, from dawn until dusk. Each ensemble is made for you: whether it’s a day in the office, a night on the town, or a casual dinner date.