Sofia Arana

“Being able to present at Nolcha Fashion week this season is a very important step for our brand. We truly believe it is the ideal platform to debut with success in the New York City fashion world.”


Sofía Arana Sagardía is the founder and owner of the contemporary womenswear label Sofía Arana, where she currently serves as CEO, Head Designer and Production Manager. She learned how to sew at the early age of 16 by the hand of puerto rican top designer Carlota Alfaro – often referred to as “master of masters” – and soon started her own business as a custom dress designer and seamstress. Sofía has worked from the ground up and knows every aspect of the fashion industry and the product development process, which she considers has been the key to her successful career.


We take classic lines and shapes as inspiration and play with different cuts, flares and details to develop unique picturesque designs that respond to actual trends, while keeping the integrity and simplicity of the different silhouettes.

Signature Style

Whimsical yet classy style for the young woman who appreciates casual elegance and a romantic vibe.


Nature, art and vintage clothing. We are eternally in love with the 20’s, 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s, and always grab some inspiration from these decades’ silhouettes.

Brand philosophy

We believe there is a place where the high-end world of designer clothing and the fast moving and accessible world of fast fashion can mix into a perfect blend. We are fully committed to bring our customers the best of both worlds by delivering a cutting edge collection of the best quality that is wearable, affordable and unique.

Making it happen

Inspiring creativity to all team members everyday makes everyone work with love and passion, and there’s no greater way for making it happen.

Fun fact

Designer Sofía Arana initially intended to create custom made garments for private clients. After selling more than 200 pieces of one of her designs in one month, to only one store in San Juan, she was forced to look up for other manufacturing options and instantly fell in love with the exciting world of technical design, manufacturing and production, and decided to go for her own ready-to-wear fashion company.

What does New York City mean to you?

To me, New York City means inspiration. There is something magical in every street, in every building and in every individual that is fascinating. The noise, the bustle, the lights; everything brings a sense of urgency that makes you want to reach for more and go after your dreams. No wonder why they call it “The City that Never Sleeps”.