Vitruvius Productions Inc. sub-division of M. Pollio Eduction Groups Inc



As an education entity based in Vancouver, Canada, we offer conceptual and technical fashion training, as well as many specialized courses taught by industry professionals. Bringing our young designers to an international stage such as the Nolcha Shows during New York Fashion Week, will give them the opportunity to experience the hands-on element of preparing and testing material, the hard work of making their unique art-pieces and the wild rush of presenting on a public stage. Our goal is to help our students improve artistically in both mind and technical skills, and this show will do both.


What were the students’ inspirations?  

Our collection is named ‘I am Astronaut’, inspired by the news of the discovery of an earth-like planet. The students have used their imaginations to create garments inspired by aliens, planets, moons, and gravity.


What three things does your program instill to the students? 

The three most important elements in our education entity are passion, confidence and determination. However, to say we instill in to the students is hardly true, we only help them to discover those elements.


Why were these students chosen to participate in the Nolcha Shows? 

We chose these students based on their passion and confidence in their work.


What can we expect to see during your collective runway show? 

Creativity was our main focus. Without comparable years of experience, resources and man power, our young designers will mainly focus on how to convert their wild idea to a ready-to-wear product. We hope to bring an unexpected sense of wonder to the audience.


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