Yvette Hass is the founder and designer of YVETTE HASS.  She is originally from Sweden, and has studied fashion at Fashion College in Malmoe and worked as a designer in Sweden for several years.

Yvette also lived in Hong Kong where she worked with production for various Scandinavian brands.  After years of learning fabrics, materials and the production line, she decided to start YVETTE HASS in 2012.



YVETTE HASS believes in creating mini collections with a high degree of fashion that creates a demand, covet and a curiosity about what’s next to come.

Signature Style

Feminine modern silhouettes, leather, silk, beads and feathers.


It is based on my own style with some Scandinavian characteristics ”

Brand Philosophy

YVETTE HASS want to create strong individual pieces rather than a choral collection. Made for everyday wear from day-time to night-time.Essential pieces to build a wardrobe around, easy to combine in color and long-lasting in both style and extension of upcoming collections

If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?

Beautiful Beyonce Knowles, a strong independent woman and role model.