Don’t Sweat It – A Slim Chance

June 17, 2014


Through our crazy and fashion oriented routines we see great clothes and work on looking amazing ourselves everyday, but what happens on the outside doesn’t always reflect the inside. Under all those fabulous clothes sometimes there is a very tired person who makes the wrong food choices and sometimes wears extra concealer and extra blush to cover up pale exhaustion. I have been there and done exactly that. Thankfully we can fix it by paying attention to the fuel we feed ourselves daily.

While food is fuel, the wrong foods can make us rather tired. When you have tried everything from tons of coffee, to sleeping well, exercising, and getting your blood tested. The answers to your low energy sometimes can be found  in what you eat. Here are the foods that deplete your  energy without you knowing it:

  • Refined foods: These foods are highly processed and often have gluten which is harder to digest by the  body even if you don’t have a sensitivity. Examples of this type of foods are: donuts, bagels, and cookies. Watch out for your labels saying wheat gluten, fortified, isolated soy, hydrogenated oil, or high fructose corn syrup.
  • Too much meat: Eating too much meat taxes the liver, constipates you and can send you straight into a food coma. How much is too much? Measure one deck of cards and take the leftovers home.
  • Too much fat: Too much fat creates flatulence, heart disease, high blood pressure, nausea, and exhausts the body as it tries to process the fat. Did I mention it also expands your waistline? More than 1 or 2 handfuls of nuts it’s too much. 1/4 of avocado or 1 tbsp of olive oil for salads is the right amount. Try experimenting 7 days without fat and see how your body feels. Find a balance by having fat every other day.

Energetic foods we might be forgetting  about come from what the land has to offer and have been around since the beginning of the time. Here are foods that bring your energy back:

*Oranges: Nothing is or will ever be as healthy as a freshly squeezed orange juice or the fruit itself. This fruit is packed with vitamin C which brings up the immune system and keeps your energy up.

*Magnesium rich foods: When one is low in this amazing nutrient you can experience crankiness, lack of enthusiasm, and strong PMS symptoms. Save the day by having rainbow chard or getting a square of dark organic chocolate in your system.

*Folic acid: Folic acid Fights depression and can be found in spinach.

*Get some iron rich foods: It is iron which helps us carry oxygen  around the body and into our internal organs. Being low in iron could mean that oxygen travels slower thru the system and creates anemia and fatigue. Get some meat 3 times per week or if you are a vegan get some lentils on your plate.

*Have blueberries: The subtle sweetness of this fruit wont disturb your blood sugar levels but will perk you up.

*Fiber up: Foods rich in fiber keep you full for longer and will give you a balanced stream of energy. Have some quinoa, broccoli and celery. All these will keep your digestion in tip top shape.

*Spice up your life: Get some  curry powder, cayenne pepper, real peppers or some herbs de provence. All of the above will awaken your immune system and could help you diminish water retaining sodium.

*Have fruit: If the body is asking for sugar listen to it, but in the way of fruit. Skip the candy and have a fruit every time you crave it. Try 7 days of it and compare results.

While there are a number of things that we can do to get energized we have to start somewhere. I suggest you give yourself 7 days of changes and see how your body reacts. Do remember that nothing in this world can substitute real food or the energy it provides you with. When you must go the boxed food route, more than 10 ingredients, or  hard to pronounce ingredients are the biggest energy drainers on the list.

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Maria TotalBodyFitMaria Andrade is a New York based Certified Holistic Health Counsellor. She graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has been building her wellness coaching practice as well as integrating Pilates and other body healing technique. Maria’s personal nutritional philosophy is based on the concept of bio-individuality. Nutrition should be tackled according to the unique characteristics of the individual, such as ethnicity, blood type, and activity levels. She also bases her healing practice on numerous dietary theories.

Maria co-founded TotalBodyFit in 2008, in the hopes of bringing her message to a larger audience by conducting the health counselling, fitness classes, and massage therapy right in the client’s home, office or resident lounge. She leads TotalBodyFit’s nutrition workshops, corporate, and cooking events. She is available for one on one nutritional counselling.                                        

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