Don’t Sweat It – Acne Aid 101

August 19, 2014

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For many people in the fashion industry long days and nights can always be covered with coffee, a fabulous outfit, incredible sunglasses, and a ton of make up. The bad news is that while skin can take a beating, at the end of the day the body never lies. A pimple that we barely see today, tomorrow can become the focal point of the face. No matter how much make up or instantly drawn birthmarks, sometimes all we have left to do is look within and fix the skin.

So why do we get acne anyways?

The reasons range anywhere from stress, hormonal issues, menopause, PMS, weather changes, clogged pores, squeezing pores out of nervousness, dirty make up brushes, touching your face with dirty objects or your own hands without being washed, and last but no least, eating the wrong food.

How to clean up your acne for good?

While many resort to laser treatments, or steroid shots from a dermatologist, sometimes it is the things we do without noticing that causes us new breakouts. Here is what to do to kiss blemishes good bye for good:

  1. When you go to buy your make up, buy it for sensitive skin. It should say “non-comedogenic” which stands for oil free.  Tell the lady at the make up store its a must. While this type of make up may cost more than the ones found at your nearest pharmacy, think about the fact that acne medicine, and doctor visits at times cost even more.
  2. Wash your face before going to bed. Your skin absorbs products and pores get clogged. Allow your face to breath and make it a rule to never go without washing it at nite, plus it helps you prevent fine lines as well.
  3. Clean your make up brushes. There is bacteria trapped in there too. Make it a point to clean them up once per week.
  4. Change your sheets and pillows once to twice per week. Sweat and dead skin cells can cause further breakouts.
  5. Wipe your mobile phone with an alcohol solution or hand sanitizer on a napkin daily. Believe it or not your phone can too be a silent cause with bacteria that can be easily removed. Wear headphones to avoid the phone touching your face directly.
  6. Clean the rim of your sunglasses or eye wear with an antibacterial solution as well.
  7. Abstain from putting toothpaste on your face when you have a breakout. Ingredients in it can be too harsh, and further inflame your skin. Try instead some calamine lotion before you go to bed.
  8. Get enough sleep, and water. Your skin will blemish as a way of rebellion when its dehydrated and not well rested. Try at least 8 glasses per day and 8 hours of sleep per night.
  9. Breakouts on your chin, neck and jawline areas indicate low tolerance for dairy, sugar and wheat. Switch to almond milk, eat fruit instead of candy, and skip bread for a week. A food diary will help you understand what triggers your body in a more specific way and prevent further breakouts.
  10. Happy skin foods include: nuts, greens, celery, watermelon, and food with zinc (the active ingredient in many acne medications) such as oysters and beans should help you get healthy skin.
  11. Watch out for salty foods as they produce inflammation in the skin and additionally get you bloated.
  12. Take a multi-vitamin. This should cover nutritional deficiencies.Last but no least, get a workout and de-stress. Don’t forget to sanitize your workout gear (mats, free weights, and treadmills) these all can be silent causes that can ruin an otherwise fabulous activity.

I hope my tips can help you have happy healthy skin, pay attention to the triggers and enjoy the rest of your week!

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Maria TotalBodyFitMaria Andrade is a New York based Certified Holistic Health Counsellor. She graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has been building her wellness coaching practice as well as integrating Pilates and other body healing technique. Maria’s personal nutritional philosophy is based on the concept of bio-individuality. Nutrition should be tackled according to the unique characteristics of the individual, such as ethnicity, blood type, and activity levels. She also bases her healing practice on numerous dietary theories.

Maria co-founded TotalBodyFit in 2008, in the hopes of bringing her message to a larger audience by conducting the health counselling, fitness classes, and massage therapy right in the client’s home, office or resident lounge. She leads TotalBodyFit’s nutrition workshops, corporate, and cooking events. She is available for one on one nutritional counselling.                                        

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