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August 5, 2014


Fashion week parties are around the corner, with deadlines, glitzy get togethers, late night celebrations and doing it all over again for almost 2 weeks, which can make us into zombies. Let’s be honest all that busy scheduling makes us neglectful of healthy, yet very important needs. The lack of healthy sexual activity and not talking much about it makes it into a taboo. At times, it is not that we do not enjoy it, but we are just so tired. Sometimes leaving the party early to make time for some love and affection at home still does not get us “in the mood”. Modern technology has created many methods to enhance libido. Often we forget that the secret is in something we have had for centuries, aphrodisiacs.

An aphrodisiac is a substance or ingredient that produces sexual desire. Coming from the Greek Goddess Aphrodite who represents sensuality and love, aphrodisiacs have been used for many centuries. During the 16th century the Roman physician Galen suggested that in order for a food to be an aphrodisiac it had to have a “warm and moist” quality and also “windy”, meaning it produced flatulence. His thoughts behind it were that gas erected the male organ. Another theory suggests the resemblance of several foods that may remind many of us of the male and female organs. As an example they are eggs and caviar, asparagus, bananas, carrots, cherries, grapes, etc.

Foods that work

The real science behind some of these ingredients is the fact that certain minerals and nutrients found in the foods do have the magical love potion we are looking for. Oysters are a clear example of true sexually suggestive food that truly enhances sexual appetite. An important main nutrient found in oysters is zinc, which controls hormonal levels in men and raises the libido.

The deficiency of zinc causes impotence in men. In ancient Rome walnuts and pine nuts have been used for fertility. Some nuts are also very rich in zinc like cashews and almonds. Other great sources of zinc are: red and white meat, seafood (crab, lobster, flounder, and sole), beans, chickpeas.  Another enhancer is coffee as it stimulates the body due to the alertness it produces and is often confused as arousing

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which is the chemical that releases “the feel good” endorphins. Between that and the fact that there are traces of caffeine in chocolate the arousal may positively be achieved.

Celery contains androsterone, a hormone naturally produced by men, which stimulates arousal in females.

Aromas and spices

In a Chicago research study, subjects were exposed to aroma and the blood flow on their genitalia was measured to surprisingly find out pumpkin pie combined with lavender were men’s main arousing scents. Traditionally it is believed that hot, sweet spices create comfort and can be aphrodisiacs —Hello Chocolate! —These aromas are proven to reduce anxiety.

What doesn’t work

Spanish fly is made from crushed beetles and as opposed to what you have heard it causes irritation, and itchiness to the skin,  it may also burn the throat and create kidney and liver damage or may even kill you (overconsumption of this product is a no no). The good news is that Spanish fly is not legal in the US, therefore what some may buy at the store is a phony concoction of cayenne pepper and perhaps sugar.

Alcohol can be known as an aphrodisiac because it takes away inhibitions. Although its abuse may increase desire, it may take away the performance.

Now that you know how to entice your loved one and yourself, go ahead and have some frisky time. Leave the party a bit earlier and let the fun begin!

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