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July 8, 2014


New collections, runway shows, networking events, industry dinners….are you feeling fatigued and a little under the weather? TotalBodyFit is here to help you cleanse the right way and keep you healthy both inside and out.

Somewhere between fashion parties, events, weekend barbecues, and summer time  we are eating and drinking  too much junk and sometimes it shows. Are you feeling tired? Getting constant headaches? Breaking out? Having digestive issues? Do you keep on working out and eating what you believe is the correct diet and getting no results?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then your body is due for a cleanse.

To detox or cleanse means to rid the body from toxic substances. When we talk about toxic substances, not only do we talk about substances that we put in our system (cigarettes, junk foods, sugar), but also environmental toxicities and stress factors. There are a variety of indicators that make up the list of toxic triggers the body may not work properly with. Due to our bio- individuality we may each find our body is negatively affected by things we often have trouble paying attention to. Here are some good reasons to look into detoxing:

  • Prevent acne
  • Treat disease
  • Lose weight
  • Purify the body
  • Prevent disease
  • Prevent congestion
  • Become more motivated

Among the many names of detox systems you may have heard of:

The master cleanse

The cabbage soup diet

Liver flush

Fasting diet

Juice diet

While these detox approaches and others can be practiced on your own at home they may be detrimental to the basic body functions due to excess calorie reduction and nutrient deficiency. Doing an extreme detox diet without professional supervision may result in serious health complications like: Hypoglycemia, lethargy, fainting, etc. My detox method is unlike any other program as it will free you from hunger pangs and the moodiness created by extreme diets. I believe since there is only one body we must gently detox it and honor it like the power-house it is.

Let’s talk about what you can gently do at home. By temporarily eliminating certain foods like: wheat, sugar, caffeine, soy, night shade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants), chocolate, alcohol/ stimulants, dairy, nut, corn, grains, shellfish and artificial products will heal the body and at the same time will give us a new outlook in healthy food choices. The elimination of different foods depend on the uniqueness of the individual as well as their desire to feel and look better. I want to suggest you start with a list of 7 different products you use often in your diets and remove one for 7 days, next week you remove another and so on. This detox may  take you about 1 1/2 months to complete and at that time you may re-introduce ingredients. As you go along with the program it is recommendable you write a diary of what you are consuming daily and look into how you feel with the changes, how many hours are you sleeping? How much water are you drinking?  And if it  has really cleared any issues in your body. Most people find that after certain ingredients are removed they experience less congestion, less digestive issues or their skin clears, and unwanted pounds go away. According to Elson Haas, MD in his book The New Detox Diet he believes   “Some of us need to cleanse more frequently or work more continually to rebalance our body”.

No matter what before going into a detox program you should always consult your doctor and and get the all-clear to do it. Nothing is better than to be safe. Yes, a juicing detox can work but never do it without professional supervision (feel free to write to me if you have any questions.

Blogger Credit

Maria TotalBodyFitMaria Andrade is a New York based Certified Holistic Health Counsellor. She graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has been building her wellness coaching practice as well as integrating Pilates and other body healing technique. Maria’s personal nutritional philosophy is based on the concept of bio-individuality. Nutrition should be tackled according to the unique characteristics of the individual, such as ethnicity, blood type, and activity levels. She also bases her healing practice on numerous dietary theories.

Maria co-founded TotalBodyFit in 2008, in the hopes of bringing her message to a larger audience by conducting the health counselling, fitness classes, and massage therapy right in the client’s home, office or resident lounge. She leads TotalBodyFit’s nutrition workshops, corporate, and cooking events. She is available for one on one nutritional counselling.                                        

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