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May 13, 2014

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It is no secret that independent fashion designers work long hours. Whether balancing collection creation, production, photoshoots or tradeshows the list of things to handle on any given day is nonstop. Stress can happen when you are having a bad day, have too much stuff to do and too little time to do it. In general, almost all of us experience stress at some time in our lives. For some of us, we deal with stress every week, every day, or every hour of the day. It is the severity of stress that could drive our body toward health and mental deterioration.

What happens to the body when stress kicks in has a lot to do with the Hypothalamus region of the brain. It is like a smoke alarm that signals the brain’s internal responses, like cold/hot, stress, happiness and even sexual arousal. For example, the Hypothalamus signals the Adrenal gland to secrete Adrenaline and Cortisol, which makes the heart and breathing go faster. The body does work well under pressure, but when stress is prolonged the body is not given a chance to recharge, so your immune system is weakened over time.

Bad moods and stress deplete our body of vital vitamins. Before we start pulling our hair out lets discuss some awesome good mood foods to replenish us and make us feel brand new:

1. Food rich in Omegas 3s: It is said that those who are deficient in Omega 3s have trouble concentrating and are more prone to depression. While many people eat fish to get their Omega 3s, you can also have: seeds (chia, sunflower, hemp, etc.); and hummus, which is usually made from chickpeas and sesame seeds, is another delicious option (one tablespoon is all you need).

2. Foods rich in Niacin: Niacin is crucial substance which helps you regulate your blood sugar levels, and lowers your cholesterol. Some of the best Niacin rich foods are: mushrooms, tomatoes and beans.

3. Foods rich in vitamin B6: Depletion of B6 could create more painful PMS and sensitivity to additives like MSG (Monosodium Gluten). Some of the best B6 foods are: spinach, sweet potatoes and bananas (the dotted ones for better digestion).

4. Foods rich in vitamin B12: This important vitamin is critical for mental function. Those who are deficient of it lack mental clarity and may suffer from insomnia. Animal based products like turkey and fish are rich in this nutrient. It is recommendable for those on a vegan diet or those who are more prone to being B12 deficient to get a B12 shot monthly or use a sublingual B12 lozenge daily.

5. Foods rich in Magnesium: Also known as “the feel good” nutrient, Magnesium helps you keep relaxed, regulates your body temperature and helps prevent migraines. Foods rich in Magnesium include spinach, seeds, and chocolate. When consuming chocolate make sure it is at least 75% dark organic chocolate. One square is all you need.

6. Foods rich in vitamin C: Stress often weakens your immune system, which increases the risk of the uninvited flu, headache, allergies, etc. The best foods rich in vitamin C include: strawberries, all citrus fruits, red and green peppers, and brussel sprouts.

Equally as important, keep in mind that happy thoughts will make all of the above nutrients work even greater wonders at a quicker pace.

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Maria TotalBodyFitMaria Andrade is a New York based Certified Holistic Health Counselor. She graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has been building her wellness coaching practice as well as integrating Pilates and other body healing technique. Maria’s personal nutritional philosophy is based on the concept of bio-individuality. Nutrition should be tackled according to the unique characteristics of the individual, such as ethnicity, blood type, and activity levels. She also bases her healing practice on numerous dietary theories.

Maria co-founded TotalBodyFit in 2008, in the hopes of bringing her message to a larger audience by conducting the health counselling, fitness classes, and massage therapy right in the client’s home, office or resident lounge. She leads TotalBodyFit’s nutrition workshops, corporate, and cooking events. She is available for one on one nutritional counselling.                                            

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