How Nolcha Shows became the best destination for Web3 leaders during Art Basel

December 1, 2022

How Nolcha Shows became the best destination for Web3 leaders during Art Basel

Nolcha Shows has become an eagerly awaited and integral part of the Art Basel experience, infusing the art world with the cutting-edge Web3 space and pioneering the fusion of fashion, art, and technology. Mark Manginelli, Head of Web3 Partnerships at LandVault and co-founder of Ready Player Dao, couldn’t praise Nolcha Shows enough, hailing it as the absolute best event during Art Basel at the exquisite Hyde Beach at SLS Hotel. The atmosphere was electrifying, unlike anything witnessed throughout the entire week, creating a truly special event that brought together the entire Web3 ecosystem. Nolcha’s team demonstrated their mastery in assembling the industry’s foremost innovators and brands. The combination of live performances, captivating activations, and digital and phygital art installations throughout the venue crafted an unforgettable and remarkable experience.

Jenni Pasanen’s breathtaking art adorned the occasion, adding an extra touch of brilliance to the event.

For Art Basel 2022, Nolcha Shows elevated brand value through strategic partnerships with Web3 leaders committed to educating and entertaining. The evening was more than just a passive observation of art; it invited attendees to be part of an immersive and experiential journey alongside the artists themselves.

Artist Ragzy X conveyed the sentiment shared by many:

“The event was a great celebration of the new digital era.”

In collaboration with the esteemed NFT marketplace MakersPlace, the event showcased an impressive roster of acclaimed digital artists, including Abderrahim El Asraoui, Austin Wilde, Banksy, Baby Shark, Biju, Chelsea Evenstar, Daniel Martin, Dunja Jung, Frenetik Void, Gala Mirissa, Henrik Uldalen, The Holoverse, Indrani Mitra, Jaka Prawira, Jrdsctt, Jenni Pasanen, Kira Bursky, Kior, Lushsux, Luis Toledo Laprisamata, Marco Santini, Mark Constantine Inducil, Mikko Lyytinen, Empress Trash, Musketon, Nadiia Forkosh, Neosutras, ONEFALLART, Pixelated Heroes by Rewind Collective, Perry Cooper, Ragzy, REY, Reinhard Schmid, Skeenee, Spaced Painter, Santiago Pani, Talia Zoref, Uwe Heine Debrodt, Vakseen, Victor Duarte, Victor Moatti, Violetta Palak Jones, Voke, Yonee, and Youssef Berkane.

The Nolcha Shows event was an extraordinary celebration of art’s digital evolution, leaving a lasting impression on all who experienced its convergence of creativity and technology.