Independent Fashion Friday – Our Picks

May 16, 2014

TGIF….Independent Fashion Friday that is! We’re excited to to share the independent fashion talent that has caught our attention lately.  Here are our top picks for this week!

Brand: Léka NYCLeka IFF

Origin: Russia


About the brand: Léka is a designer clothing brand that brings fresh ideas to the wardrobe of an independent and self confident modern women. Leka’s architectural background became a great base for the expression of infinite love through beautiful forms and shapes. Architectural ideas that are embodied in the fabric give life to the unique models for striking personalities, fashion enthusiasts and real women. Creative director and soul of the brand Léka sets the direction for the development of the brand and monitors the product range and stylistic components of the brand. The designer has a very special relation to the clothes.


Katty IFFBrand: Katty Xiomara

Origin: Russia


About the brand: The Katty Xiomara brand has a very unique concept. She began presented her collection in Portuguese fashion week, the brand’s main goal now is growth at an international level. Katty Xiomara creations assume an elegant, voluptuous, lascivious, poetical, idyllic and romantic character of the modern woman. The fusing of the fluidity and the rigidity of the forms create a proper, so elegant and improved silhouette.


Danilo Gabrielli IFF
Brand: Danilo Gabrielli

Origin: Italy


About the brand: The Danilo Gabrielli brand is a high end fashion label founded by Italian designer, Danilo Gabrielli, with the mission to create beautiful, timeless designs for women that allow them to feel elegant and confident.
The brand was born in New York in September 2011 and expanded into the UK market in May 2012; produced locally and inspired globally. Rustic Italian roots, London artisans and an American dream makes Danilo Gabrielli a brand that is unique in sentiment, dramatic in design and luxurious in quality.


Origin: LebanonDany Tabet IFF


About the brand: Coming from colorful mosaic Lebanon, a melting pot of cultures; Dany Tabet gathers his inspiration from the beauty of the land and its people, this inspiration allows him to bring to life detailed, unique and luxurious pieces. Dany Tabet Couture is about creating a glamorous and high class experience.

Dany Tabet celebrates the shape and beauty of woman by creating one off, detailed pieces which ooze elegance – so the woman feels beautiful from the inside to the out.


Joseph IFFBrand: Joseph Singh

Origin: San Fransisco


About the brand: Joseph Singh is an emerging New York based fashion designer known for celebrating dark and mysterious themes. Joseph is fascinated by the interaction between people and their surroundings, body versus space, the order and arrangement of things around him and the contrast of opposite ideas. With fabric as a starting point, his unique design aesthetics are intended to invoke raw emotion and signify the importance of living your best life now. Joseph designs embody complexity in the form of extensive fabric treatments and manipulation.

Independent Fashion Fridays

Independent Fashion Fridays is a weekly feature highlighting five independent fashion designers that have caught our attention; and we want to support in their brand growth.

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