Independent Fashion Fridays – Nolcha Fashion Week SS15 Designers

August 22, 2014

It’s Independent Fashion Friday and this week we are dedicating it to this seasons Nolcha Fashion Week: New York runway designers.

Designer Name:  Katty XiomaraKattyXiomara

Label Name:  Katty Xiomara


Country of Origin: Portugal

Background: Katty Xiomara was born in Venezuela.  Both of her partents were Protugese and Katty made the decision to  move to Portugal at 17.  In 1999, in partnership with her husband, he brand KattyXiomara was created. Since then the brand gas participated regularly at Fashion Week in Portugal and Nolcha Fashion Week: New York. The brand’s philosophy falls within the concept of the author which makes it personal. With an individual strong attitude for style and by the romantic spirit. The working structure is meticulous and the constant attention is needed.

RinatDesigner Name: Rinat Shayna Brodach

Label Name: Rinat Brodach


Country of Origin: Israel


Background: At an early age, Rinat knew that she wanted to be a fashion designer. Her curiosity of the draping and movement of fabric led her to further exploration of fashion. In her early childhood she used fashion as a mode of expression and continues to do so today.

After serving in the Israeli Air Force and powered with a stronger sense of self and direction, she moved to San Francisco in 2005 to attend the Academy of Art University. There she received her BFA in Fashion Design.

During her senior year, Rinat’s thesis collection was honored with a year long scholarship in Paris. In 2010 she moved to Paris to attend The Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. That same year Rinat had her work published in Emerging Fashion Designers 2 by Sally Congdon-Martin. She remained in Paris for one more year working in the fashion house of Steffie Christiaens, among others, before returning to the United States in 2012 where she settled in New York City to start her own brand.

BvenajDesigner Name:  Vanessa Teye

Label Name:  B’VENAJ


Origin: Ghana

Background: Growing up in Ghana Vanessa watched my mother transform her client’s closet into timeless pieces. This motivated her at age 13 to pursue my career as a fashion designer. Vanessa studied arts in high school and in 2011 attended  Joyce Ababio college of creative design, a one year intensive program which equipped me for the fashion industry.  Vanessa also worked under her for another year before establishing herself as a fashion designer.  The brands vision is to go beyond merely designing and selling clothing but to help customers find the beauty in themselves in a way that is unique and appropriate for that individual.

MarianaValentinaDesigner Name: Mariana Lira

Label Name: Mariana Valentina


Origin: Argentina

Background: Mariana was born in New York, where she pursued her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Being raised in the Hamptons, with an Argentine and European heritage, Mariana’s style was influenced by the glamour and high society people from around the world. With most of her family still residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she frequently visits the country and is tainted by its alluring culture and lifestyle. After many years of working for several high end boutiques, showrooms, and styling agencies, Mariana decided to finally launch her own line.

Mariana’s aspiration is to create something that encourages women to feel sensual and romantic, while at the same time exuding a chic yet classic femininity. Mariana’s designs allow a woman to show her character and express her personality through unique style and elegance.

Sofia AranaDesigner Name: Sofía Arana Sagardía

Label Name: Sofía Arana


Origin: Puerto Rico

Background: Sofía Arana Sagardía is the founder and owner of the contemporary womenswear label Sofía Arana, where she currently serves as CEO, Head Designer and Production Manager. She learned how to sew at the early age of 16 by the hand of puerto rican top designer Carlota Alfaro – often referred to as “master of masters” – and soon started her own business as a custom dress designer and seamstress. Sofía has worked from the ground up and knows every aspect of the fashion industry and the product development process, which she considers has been the key to her successful career.

The brand take classic lines and shapes as inspiration and play with different cuts, flares and details to develop unique picturesque designs that respond to actual trends, while keeping the integrity and simplicity of the different silhouettes.

mimitranDesigner Name: Mimi Tran

Label Name: MIMI TRAN


Origin: USA

Background: Mimi Tran grew up in Paris with a strong artistic gift and was surrounded  by fashion designers and models at a very young age. Because of this she developed a  critical eye for color texture and design which has given her the ability to create pieces as unique as the women that wear them.

MIMI Tran brand endeavors to empower today’s woman by creating apparel in contemporary styles designed to enhance her beauty and celebrate her femininity. Further, we are committed to using luxuriant materials combined with superior hand crafted detail to produce garments that not only make her look elegant on the outside, but also make her feel sophisticated on the inside.

Independent Fashion Fridays

Independent Fashion Fridays is a weekly feature highlighting five independent fashion designers that have caught our attention; and we want to support in their brand growth.

If you are an independent fashion designer interested to be featured in the Independent Fashion Fridays series please email with more information about your brand.

Nolcha Fashion Week: New York, founded by Kerry Bannigan and Arthur Mandel, is a leading award winning event held during New York Fashion Week hosting independent fashion designer runway shows.