Independent Fashion Friday – Sunglasses

June 27, 2014

It’s our favorite day, Independent Fashion Friday!  With Summer in full swing we thought we would bring you our top five favorite independent sunglasses brands and designers guaranteed to keep you looking cool and on trend this Summer!


warby parkerBrand: WARBY PARKER

Origin: USA, Philadelphia


About: Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses.

They were students when one of them lost their glasses on a backpacking trip. The cost of replacing them was so high that he spent the first semester of grad school without them, squinting and complaining.

It turns out there was a simple explanation. The eyewear industry is dominated by a single company that has been able to keep prices artificially high while reaping huge profits from consumers who have no other options.  Warby Parker was born to create an alternative.

superBrand: Super Sunglasses

Origin: Italy


About: SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE® is a leading brand producing outstanding contemporary eyewear. Founded in Italy in 2007 by Daniel Beckerman, SUPER has become highly popular for its eclectic collection of colorful acetate sunglasses.

Starting from a classic, clean silhouette, SUPER has gradually built up their impressive collection, currently comprising of a long list of timeless yet cutting edge shapes. Silhouettes like the Flat Top, Ciccio, América, W, or distinctly feminine models like the Lucia and Drew, have become staples of SUPER’s collections and a continuous source of inspiration and playful interpretation by the brand’s creative team.

Since its inception, SUPER’s goal was to develop high quality eyewear, with a distinctive design at an affordable price. SUPER’s founder Daniel Beckerman explains the initial idea that has since guided the brand’s every choice: “All the companies that were in the market were developing boring eyewear. I kept looking at all the experimental independent clothing brands and wondered why no one had yet dared to develop a quirky, bold line of eyewear.
I wanted to design sunglasses that all my friends would love to wear: fresh, hip and stylish, without necessarily compromising the quality. Also, I think the success of a business is never done by a single person but with the collaboration between talented people, and I have been so lucky to be surrounded by many, such as my brother Simon, from which I have learned so much, and the precious collaboration of Sean Beolchini, but also many other great people that believed in my ideas.”

modBrand: Mondelliani

Origin: Italy


About: Mondelliani Glasses is based in Rome where they have had a shop since 1975 and designs eyewear that reflects the colours of your mood. Mondelliani glasses are youthful, vibrant, and achieve a fine balance between exquisite materials and craftsmanship and light hearted and flattering designs. All styles are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Born out of the experience and tradition of the Mondello family, every day together with a team of experts and passionate professionals, they work towards letting the world see more clearly and more colorfully.

Taylor MorrisBrand: Taylor Morris Eyewear

Origin: UK


About: Founded in 2013 by lifelong friends Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris, Taylor Morris are British eyewear designers based in London.

The Taylor Morris mission was simple; provide their clients with the highest possible quality at the most competitive price as well as bringing back beauty, sophistication and individuality with a collection that will remain timeless and most importantly wearable over future decades.

Taylor Morris Eyewear combines British sartorial elegance and timeless Hollywood glamour, drawing inspiration from cultural and fashion icons such as James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, J. F. Kennedy, Monroe and Steve McQueen.

Co designers Hugo and Charlie share a passion and love for eyewear and define their style as progressive pastiche, looking to take inspiration from what has come to pass in stylistic trends then reworking and modernising them to give their glasses new forms of expression and an enduring allure.

Findlay and coBrand: Finlay & Co

Origin: UK


About: Finlay & Co. is a London based luxury sunglasses brand, started in 2012 by four friends. The brand produces high quality, handmade wooden sunglasses in a range of 1950’s inspired designs. The beauty of Finlay & Co glasses is that, being made of wood, each pair is unique and individual its grain, character and natural finish.

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