Designer Name:
Christopher Belt

Label Name:


“I am excited to be showcasing my work and experiencing this special place and time with my contemporaries.”


I am originally from rural Sheridan, Arkansas. I grew up on Shoemaker Road & knew very early i was destined to become an accessory designer. In high school I created and sold custom shoes for girls that I went to school with by purchasing diffusion shoes that already fit them at the mall and enveloping them with carefully sculpted materials from soda cans. Each girl wanted a different brand of soda for her custom shoes to let the world know, for example that she was “Cherry Coke.” I learned then and there many women used this as an outlet for self expression. I worked for Munro footwear in Hot Springs, Arkansas, an American Made custom fit product that is sold at Nordstrom. After graduating from Savannah College of Art & Design with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Accessory Design I became the Designer & Creative Director of 3Seven&8.


I’ve learned a lot about products and margins throughout my life on the inside of the leather goods business. What I’ve found is that in most brands a lot of corners are cut for cost, most importantly being what the product is made of. I discovered that with a little strategy I could offer these bags made of the same Italian Leather from the same exact concerias all of the luxury brands source from for a contemporary price. 3Seven&8 could be the most affordable or most expensive bag in any given woman’s closet. That is the kind of synergy I aim for. As always, whether I’m designing luxury, contemporary or diffusion, it’s important to me that the product has function while at the same time providing an outlet for self expression.


Signature style
I like to offer a product that is timeless, while still incorporating hints of trends that won’t be awkward after the trend is over. It’s easy to spot one of my products because of my use of ultra-feminine lines. I design the same product to make sense in several cultures, age groups and locations, bringing out something different in every customer.  


With this collection I wanted to focus on Spain & it’s architecture, primarily Antoní Gaudí & his Modernisme movement. He was known for organic shapes & colors in his architecture. These aspects have inspired us to incorporate those colors along with some organic shapes in an all around functional structure.


Brand philosophy
The 3Seven&8 collection embodies a daring, contemporary
lifestyle. I aim to incorporate provocative yet playful lines with bold silhouettes inspired by architecture with feminine and organic lines. The rare, luxurious Italian leathers at a contemporary price makes 3Seven&8 an extraordinary find across the globe. These interchangeable designs assist the modern woman’s passage through various locations, situations, and occasions in an exquisite way. The collection is inspired by all of the brilliant and driven women in my life who have always longed for a product that epitomizes both empowerment and glamor.


Making it happen
Making it happen has been an evolution and a discovery of my entire self.


Celebrity crush
All Five Spice Girls!


What does New York City mean to you?
For me, New York City is a mecca for art, fashion and cultural inspiration from which the rest of the world draws. I can not think of a place that influences the world as a whole in a greater way than New York.