Designer Name:
Stephanie McTigue

Label Name:


What is your inspiration for this season’s collection?


Handbag Collection: At CoFi, I like to take a modern day twist on existing trends. For example, the Fanny Pack is back in style. CoFi has created a unique hipbag that can either be worn as a “fanny pack” or as a longer cross-body bag. The increased versatility of our hipbag allows a woman to dip her toes in the existing trend, but have other options with the same bag.


CoFi Footwear: Our new European Inspired footwear for spring, a Ruffle Slip on Platform Sneaker and our Holly Fashion Sneaker, blend comfort with fashion, adding an element of style to your everyday sneaker.


And, our leathers continue to differentiate the CoFi brand from other existing brands – we believe style is a reflection of individuality – why blend in when you can stand out?


What are the materials used in this seasons collection?

Genuine Printed Leather


Where are your materials sourced and your garments manufactured?

CoFi uses Italian papers and foils via a transfer process to manufacture our own leathers. The leather and products are all manufactured in Leon, Mexico.


Where are you based

Denver, CO


Where does your line currently retail?

CoFi can be found in over 150 stores across the USA. We have a store locator on our website.


What makes your collection unique?

At CoFi, we use Italian papers and foils via a transfer process to manufacture our own unique leathers. Wholesale customers select from any of our leathers to apply to any of our products (handbags, shoes, boots, small leather goods) to create a CoFi collection for their stores to meet the specific needs of their clientele. We specialize in metallic, adding a little shimmer and shine to everyday accessories.


Brand mission statement

At CoFi, we believe style is a reflection of individuality. Our distinctive printed leather accessories and footwear are designed to let you be you because blending in isn’t nearly as fun as making a statement.