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“We’re really excited about this amazing event! This is a great opportunity to show our products to the fashion world for the first time. We’re so confident about the quality of our handcrafted items that we’re sure we’ll be remembered.”


 Matteo Gamberale and Matteo Gemignani are two Italian guys from Tuscany, both grown up surrounded by some of the best craftsmen in the world, the same responsible for the creation of the biggest fashion masterpieces of the recent history.


Even though they come from the same small Italian Region AND they share the same incredible passion for the real Italian Fashion Style and Craftsmanship, they didn’t know each other back in Europe.


So when they met in NYC in 2013, they knew that something was going to change. They created a new venture with the objective of bringing the beauty and the charm of real italian craftsmanship to the US, while being able to offer these amazing pieces at an affordable price.


Their dreams came to life in November 2014, when they launched their first vertical product: “ADORA”, a leather bag entirely made in Vinci, Florence by the same artisans that worked for the highest quality brands in the world like Prada, Gucci, Armani etc.


With every single component of this bag made in Italy (from the leather to the hardware), the incredible price of 280 $ made a breach in the market.


Being the reference in the USA for the Italian handcrafted bespoke.


Signature Style
Bold and modern – made in Italy, curated for USA.


Influence: Craftsmanship experience in handcrafting the most notable icon bags in the fashion recent history.


Brand Philosophy:
We proudly show the faces of the people who we collaborate with to create our line of handcrafted essentials because we’re proud to work with skilled craftsmen who put care, passion, and artistry into each and every product they make.


We’ll never outsource production to crowded factories overseas because we care deeply about the quality of our products, as well as the prosperity of the craftspeople in our native Tuscany.


It’s their vision, tradition, and culture that allow us to bring the highest quality of materials and products to more people than ever.


If you could dress any celebrity who would it be and why?
Alessandra d’Ambrosio – because she is fashionable, beautiful, she is a mother, travels a lot and need a tote bag to put all her essentials.