Designer Name:
Michael Willems

Label Name:
Alberto Pants


Established in 1922 by Dr. Albert Dormanns in Germany.  This company is still a family run business.


 To create the perfect pant that fits every man, by using high quality, exciting fabrics, attractive buttons, harmonious yarn colors, beautifully produced lining and great craftsmanship.


Signature styleThe fit of Alberto pants is legendary.


InfluenceAlberto pants finds its influence everywhere, there is an endless supply from the streets to travelling the world.  There is never a lack of inspiration.


Brand philosophy
Pants we love is not a catch phrase, it is a vital part of the company.


Making it happen
We pay attention to the smallest details.  Starting with the yarn to the fabric, the washing to the hardware.  No detail is overlooked.


Fun Fact
Alberto Pants is a family run business that is 92 years old


What does New York City mean to you?
There is no place better in the world for the open minded. Fashion is not just fashion. To me it is street life, shops(not just fashion shops) I’m talking about the independent stores throughout the city, the dining, nightlife, jazz to Central Park.  Brooklyn, the breath of the city. Everything combined makes it an amazing place for a designer to find inspiration.