Baxter Designs

Designer Name:
Amy Baxter

Label Name:
Baxter Designs


“It is a great privilege to be a part of Nolcha Fashion Week. This goes far beyond any exposure from trade shows and the feedback comes from other professionals.”


Baxter Designs started as a high end designer workroom in Philadelphia in 2004. We served residential clients as well as the Park Hyatt, Sofitel Hotel, and many Philadelphia Designers. We now exclusively manufacture handbags and decorative pillows.


After seeing the high end designer fabrics change to fun colors and sophisticated patterns and using this as a resource, we created a fresh new look for totes and handbags. These new fabrics wear as well as leather, but look completely unique.


Signature style
Simple clean tote and handbag styles, bold colors and patterns.


Interior Design industry high end fabrics.


Brand philosophy
High end fabrics and 100% silk linings, as well as cut and assembled by hand bring top quality and unique style to our handbags. Always made in the USA.


Making it happen
Along with displaying in boutiques across the east coast, Baxter Designs won an accessories contest from Belk Department stores in 2013. We displayed and sold in 41 Belk stores throughout the south.  Baxter Designs custom designed and manufactured clutch handbags exclusively for Michelle Obama in July 2014 as gifts for the August African Summit.


Celebrity crush
Coco Channel


What does New York City mean to you?
The place from which all energy and influence springs.